An Atlantan in NorCal, Part 9: Grilled Schmeeze

Cowgirl Creamery, Ferry Building: San Francisco, CA, USA

This little gem of a sandwich has probably what I call the best grilled cheese sandwich or at least, the best that I’ve ever had.  Cowgirl Creamery says the secret is to use cheeses of different textures.  I say that the secret are the little bits of strawberry (perhaps strawberry preserves) that are in the center.

We got this to share while my friends and I were chilling out at the Ferry Building after having picked up our half-marathon bibs and shirts from the Rock-and-Roll expo earlier that morning.  I was actually hoping to find some raw oysters at the SF Fish Company, being that they had been the sweetest oysters I’ve found in the United States.  However, the ones on ice didn’t look quite as appealing for some reason, and I opted away from getting food poisoning right before my race.  Instead, I got to share in this delightful grease of a treat.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich


  • thick hearty slices of toast: this is crucial because too thin a slice of bread leads to and overly greasy grilled cheese.  Grilled cheese is done by buttering both sides of the bread and allowing the cheese to melt in the middle.  This thick, almost Texas-toast thick, cut of toast allows just enough grease to permeate for flavor and keep the bread from being soggy.
  • strawberry bits: this totally made the sandwich for me.  I’m all about breaking up the monotony of flavors with a complementary yet different flavor.  The strawberry does it by bringing a bit of sweetness and also tartness to the saltiness of the butter and cheese.
  • shareable: we asked the server if they could cut the sandwiches up into shareable bites.  I think two sandwiches actually went a long way, and it made for a perfect snack.


  • cools quickly: this isn’t really a con but rather a demand for fast consumption.

Cowgirl Creamery - strawberry grilled cheese

You can find their cheese in multiple grocery stores, best located off their website.  We purchased our sandwiches at the Ferry Building here:

1 Ferry Building #23
San Francisco, CA 94111

Definitely check them out if you’re ever visiting San Francisco.  I doubt the natives would ever traverse the Ferry Building just for a grilled cheese as they probably know of better ways to get it.  Thanks for putting up with the absence.  We’ll be starting a new adventure in New York starting in July so stay tuned for yet another year of eating!  Until then, thank you for your readership and see you soon!


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