An Atlantan in NorCal, Part 3: Boston in NorCal

Sam’s Chowder House: Palo Alto, CA, USA

Wow.  That’s pretty much the word.  This was a recommendation from my buddy S., who lives in the area.  Wendizzle and I were super stoked to try it and looked forward to also meeting up with my friend E. who drove up from Los Angeles.  One of the things that stuck out to us was the lobster roll.  It’s really difficult to find a good quality lobster roll in Atlanta, so I was hoping this would be better.  For one, we are right by the coastline.  Two, even though it’s not Boston, SF and NorCal have a slightly better reputation on the food scene compared to Atlanta.  I ordered the lobster roll served with cole slaw and subbed a salad for the potato chips.  In addition, I ordered poke for the table



  • definitely shareable, served with warm tortilla chips for dipping
  • well seasoned, not bland
  • not super oily even though it is tossed with a good amount of sesame oil


  • pooling of the soy-ponzu sauce: this made some of the bottom pieces a little bit more salty and/or savory than the top pieces.

Sam's Chowder House - poke

Lobster Roll


  • fantastic quantity of lobster: I think an entire lobster was used for this one roll.
  • hot buttery roll with thick slices
  • buttery meat: not cold salad style – I prefer this better than its mayo-dressed sibling although some Bostonians may hate me for saying this.
  • not overly salty: indicating fresh lobster, not one that was salted and frozen


  • none, unless you expected a healthy lobster roll.

Sam's Chowder House - lobster roll (up close)

Sam's Chowder House - lobster roll

Man this totally hit the spot.  I would definitely come back for this.  Props to S for the recommendation and to driving us out here as well to San Jose for dinner that day.  Definitely enjoyed having a “local” take us out for the eats!  All in all, here’s a quick summary:

  • poke: ***.85 (3.85 stars)
  • lobster roll: **** (4 stars)

You can find them in downtown Palo Alto, near Stanford University.  Parking is not easy but there is a lot behind the restaurant that has two-hour parking.  We went for a super late lunch so there were ample spots on the street as well.  You can find them here:

185 University Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301  •  (650) 614-1177

Hope y’all are enjoying these posts.  I’m trying to get these out on my last day here.  Cali’s been amazing and as always, I can’t wait to come back.


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