Tapas Revisited

Eclipse Di Luna: Dunwoody, GA, USA

It’s been quite some time since I last ate here, but I always had decent memories of Eclipse Di Luna.  The last time I ate here was for a friend’s birthday dinner, and it was still quite good.  Unfortunately, the pictures were so dark since it was at night.  However, I stopped by here for lunch after doing an escape room with a different group of friends, and this place didn’t disappoint.  My sister and I ordered the following to share:

  • seared octopus
  • bacon wrapped dates
  • beet salad
  • roasted brussels sprouts
  • seared kale

Seared Octopus


  • great portions, very large and definitely shareable with at least one other person
  • good flavor: not overly salted or over-seasoned
  • cooked well: not rubbery or chewy from being overcooked
  • very filling given that it is served with roasted chunks of potatoes as well


  • could have a little more char

Eclipse Di Luna -  octopus

Bacon Wrapped Dates: chunks of chorizo sausage stuffed in dates and wrapped in bacon


  • amazing flavors: the saltiness and sweetness of the sausage-date combo is fantastic, especially when combined with goat cheese
  • definitely shareable but the bacon will have to be cut in half because one entire piece is used to wrap two dates


  • smaller chunks: it’s a little bigger than bite-sized and so it can get a bit salty with the bacon and the sausage.

Eclipse Di Luna - bacon wrapped dates

Beet Salad


  • shareable but only between two people
  • very fresh, not overly tossed with dressing so that the vegetables become soggy
  • more beets than greens: I like how since this was featured as a beet salad, they didn’t skimp out on the beet itself
  • roasted beets always go well with goat cheese chunks.


  • It would have been a bit better with some bacon bits for some saltiness

Eclipse Di Luna - beet salad

Seared Brussels Sprouts


  • shareable between two people but not more unless people don’t really like to eat brussels sprouts and wanted to eat it for taste.


  • not enough char on the brussels sprouts
  • somewhat soggy
  • flavor is mostly just sprouts and not much combination of anything else, I can probably do this dish better at home.

Eclipse Di Luna - brussel sprouts

Kale Salad


  • healthy
  • definitely had flavor, somewhat of a salty soupy flavor…the cheese helps though, especially since it’s manchego (I believe)


  • soggy as crap.  It was like they pan-fried the kale and attempted to put some sort of sauce while cooking it so that it just ended up steaming or broiling the leaves.

Eclipse Di Luna - kale salad

Man, some of the dishes were really on point, like the bacon wrapped dates.  But I honestly just didn’t have the greatest opinion about the kale.  All in all, here’s my quick summary:

  • seared octopus: ***.75 (3.75 stars)
  • bacon wrapped dates: ***.85 (3.85 stars)
  • beet salad: ***.65 (3.65 stars)
  • roasted brussels sprouts: *** (3 stars)
  • seared kale: **.95 (2.95 stars)

You can find Eclipse Di Luna at two locations, one in Buckhead/Midtown at Miami Circle or the location that I attended in Dunwoody, near Alon’s Bakery and Intermezzo Cafe.  Until next time…


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