Oxtail Soup

Jang Dok Dae: Duluth, GA, USA

My Korean friend, B, recommended this place after his parents introduced it to him when he moved back from California.  Now we all know that SoCal has probably the best Korean food in the United States, especially kbbq.  But for oxtail soup?  I still believe that Hanbat in LA has the best seollung tang.  Does Jang Dok Dae measure up?  I had to try it for myself.

Korean Oxtail Soup (설렁탕)


  • hot, bubbling in a stone bowl
  • very rich and creamy like it’s supposed to be.  Does not appear to be watered down like some places (more than Lee’s Tofu down off Buford Highway near Chamblee)
  • clean and fresh tasting, warms you to the bone kind of feeling
  • lots of green scallions to add to your dish (this is a personal thing because some people can’t stand green onions)


  • not as much meat slices or vermicelli as Hanbat in LA.

Jang Dok Dae - oxtail soupJang Dok Dae - spring onions

Would I get it again?  Definitely.  I got to taste the broth from my friend’s blood sausage stew which was really tasty as well.  I’ll definitely get that the next time I come to Jang Dok Dae.  But truthfully, it’s got some great flavors for being only fifteen minutes away from home.  Being that I am not much of a meat eater, and I’d be eating this dish for the soup, I would look more for the sustenance in the soup consistency than the actual meat or vermicelli amount.  It is served with rice so that is filling in and of itself.  The panchan dishes are also not too bad, especially with a large piece of mackerel or fried fish served.

This place is located just behind the H-mart in Duluth off Pleasanthill Road.  It’s actually a bit hard to find and doesn’t have an English name on the front.  I’ve realized that it tends to be a restaurant more for older generations.  That’s probably more appropriate for me being that I’m aging day by day.  I do love a good hot korean stew, especially in the winter.  In summary I’d give this dish about ***.85 (3.85 stars).  It’s pretty darn tasty!  The address is below:

2550 Pleasant Hill Rd
Ste 204
Duluth, GA 30096

There are definitely other places to get korean stew, but I like the quietness of this place.  The service has always been pretty good for me, requiring only to lift the curtain to get service.  While it is a bit difficult to communicate being that I do not speak fluent Korean, the service is still always polite and fast.  Give it a shot if you’re in Duluth!


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