New Sushi In Town

Sushi Osawa: Duluth, GA, USA

This place recently opened in Duluth and had a great promotion.  My friends came back from Sunday lunch and said a new sushi restaurant had an AYCE option for a select sushi menu and was well worth the price.  While my family personally didn’t get the AYCE, we did try some of their rolls and sushi as well as their vegetarian udon.  Things we tried included:

  • Sushi Combo A: tuna roll, California Roll
  • Sushi Combo B: spicy tuna roll, shrimp tempura roll
  • sushi lunch, regular: nigiri sushi (chef select), shrimp tempura roll (sub-in)
  • vegetarian udon

Sushi Combo A


  • good amount of sushi, very filling
  • fresh


  • lacking in flavor
  • heavy rice compared to sushi/fish or filling material, even with the California Roll

Sushi Osawa - sushi combo A

Sushi Combo B


  • good amount of sushi, not super spicy
  • very filling, generous portions of sushi with the roll


  • Shrimp tempura roll was filling and more flavor but still relatively bland.

Sushi Osawa - sushi combo B

Sushi Lunch, Regular: assortment of nigiri sushi which appears to be two pieces of salmon, one piece of tuna, one piece of red snapper, one piece of flounder.  The shrimp tempura roll was an add-on because I didn’t want the California roll.


  • sushi was fresh, but it wasn’t as soft or melt-in-your-mouth as some of the other pieces I’ve had at other establishments like Tokyo Shokudo or MF Sushi
  • filling: lots of rice
  • shrimp tempura roll was very filling as well, more flavor than the shrimp tempura roll found in my parents’ sushi combo set.  I think the shrimp used was bigger.


  • fish was not super thick in the slices of nigiri
  • just seemed like standard grade fish, nothing that was amazing.

Sushi Osawa - Sushi lunch (regular)

Sushi Osawa - sushi lunch (up close)

Vegetarian Udon: literally what it says – sliced vegetables in udon broth with udon


  • came out hot


  • absolutely no taste: I had to add soy sauce to the broth for flavor
  • it was a simple watery mushroom based broth, tasted like crap
  • there wasn’t enough vegetables for the amount that we were paying for the dish

Sushi Osawa - vegetarian udon

My friends said that the AYCE option was much better.  This may be true because you can get more expensive nigiri such as eel (unagi) and it would be worth your money.  However, I tend to be a light eater, and I think that the regular menu should reflect the same quality as well.  I’m not sure if I would go back because the service was really slow when it comes to coming out with the food.  Truth be told, I’d rather go and wait for quality sushi somewhere else if I was going to wait at all.  If you still want to try them, you can find Sushi Osawa in the shopping complex next to Flying Biscuit Cafe.  In summary:

  • Sushi Combo A: ***.25 (3.25 stars)
  • Sushi Combo B: ***.25 (3.25 stars)
  • sushi lunch, regular: ***.35 (3.35 stars)
  • vegetarian udon: ** (2 stars)
5270 Peachtree Parkway
Ste 119
Norcross, GA 30092
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