A Little Taste of Havana

El Super Pan: Ponce City Market, Atlanta, GA, USA

I came here with a friend of mine for dinner after we stood half frozen on a bridge in downtown Atlanta to take a picture of the skyline.  After walking around, we decided to try the Cuban sandwiches at El Super Pan.  Boasting Latin American flavors, we both ordered the following:

  • Cuban sandwiches: three different cuts of pork with mustard and pickle
  • fried plantains: the sweet kinds
  • bacon fat thumbprint cookies: you heard me, jam on the center with a bacon-fat infused butter cookie

Cubanos: served panini style with melted swiss cheese in the middle


  • came out warm and hot with the cheese still melting even though it was sitting on the counter for awhile because we couldn’t hear the order being called out
  • large size: even though I finished the sandwich, I was pretty full and couldn’t finish my plantains (shocking I know).
  • bread was crispy on the outside and did not become soggy with the mustard or the pork juice


  • bread was a bit tough: I can’t say what a traditional cuban sandwich is like since I can’t go to Cuba.  It was filling though.
El Super Pan - the Cuban

cuban sandwich



  • good quantity for one
  • very filling


  • not caramelized enough
  • not cooked all the way: the inside was still very mealy and a bit tough.
El Super Pan - plantains

plantains (uncut)

El Super Pan - plantains opened

plantains, cut (mealy center)

Bacon-fat Thumbprint Cookie: this thing came in two.  TWO.  It was also ridiculously good.


  • strong bacon-fat flavor: it’s definitely a sweet-savory combo
  • butter cookie was rich and flavorful with the bacon-fat flavor.


  • not enough jam for the cookie, it doesn’t balance out the savoriness of the bacon-fat and the richness of the butter

I’d totally come back to try another sandwich.  I can’t say that the cookie was amazing, but the plantains were completely disappointing.  I’ve never had mealy plantains before: not caramelized yes, but when they’re that mealy, it means that they weren’t allowed to ripen fully before they are thrown into the pan.  A quick summary:

  • Cuban sandwiches: ***.65 (3.65 stars)
  • fried plantains: **.75 (2.75 stars) 
  • bacon fat thumbprint cookies: ***.25 (3.25 stars) 

I do like PCM quite a bit.  This place is worth trying another sandwich or two, but I’d totally go over to Honeysuckle Gelato for dessert.  Definitely do not get their plantains.  Also, while I really appreciate one of the servers for coming out and bringing our food, I didn’t appreciate the comment that we should have picked up our order when called.  PCM is a super loud place, especially on a Saturday night, and there was barely enough standing room for everyone else with takeout orders.  When I did go to the counter previously, there was no order there and there were a few other people who had ordered before us who were still waiting for their food.  Given that my plantains were undercooked and not even ripened, the somewhat snide comment to get my food when they rushed the preparation of my meal was really uncalled for.  I guess it’s still worth trying if you really wanted to get a Cuban sandwich in Atlanta though.  You can find Ponce City Market here:


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