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The One Sushi+Brookhaven, GA, USA

Admittedly, I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to be apart of the YELP Elite community because it gave me the opportunity to meet so many new people and better yet, to discover so many new places to eat in my hometown.  One of these places is the One Sushi+.  Before, Brookhaven used to just be one of those suburbs that was just there.  Now it’s turned so hipster and the property values have gone up big time.  One of the restaurants there that I tried was actually spurred from a YELP friend’s Instagram account.  On seeing her pictures,  I made dinner reservations with a friend (who surprised me by politely taking the bill), the following items were consumed with high anticipation:

  • Sushi plate: six different types of sushi, chef’s choice
  • uni (sea urchin) nigiri, flown in from Japan – to be compared with that of MF sushi
  • chu-toro, also flown in from Japan – sashimi form
  • earl grey ice-cream

Sushi plate: (forgive my memory loss on each piece of sushi, I blame it all on aging).  Listed are the following pieces of nigiri sushi that I can remember: albacore, tuna, salmon, red snapper, yellowtail.


  • definitely fresh: I had no problems with the pieces of fish falling apart in my mouth.  Were they melt-in-your-mouth quality? Close but no cigar
  • sushi rice was done well but did not have that balance of stickiness to individual rice-grain that was found in NYC or at MF Sushi


  • none, maybe bigger cuts of fish?

The One Sushi+ - sushi plate (top)

The One Sushi+ - sushi plate (up close)

The One Sushi+ - albacore, yellowtail, tuna

Uni/sea urchin nigiri: I’ve been on a sea urchin kick ever since I had my first melt-in-your-mouth experience at Sushi Yasuda in NYC.  The problem is that most of the time, it has to be flown in from Japan or it has to be super fresh to the point where it’s halved and scooped out for you (like at a fish market in San Diego or something of the like).  That makes this dish extremely pricey.  (I think I still owe one more meal to my friend R.L for taking the bill so unexpectedly!)


  • definitely fresh and of soft consistency
  • good amount of uni to rice ratio
  • really good considering it’s flown in from Japan!


  • not as liquid gold like Sushi Yasuda in NYC but perhaps this was a stretch to compare.  Sushi Yasuda is a 1-michelin star establishment!

The One Sushi+ - uni from Japan

The One Sushi+ - uni (up close)

Chu-Toro (medium grade fatty tuna): I had to get this to compare it to MF Sushi.  This was (unfortunately for R.L) flown in from Japan as well.


  • nice quantity for nigiri sushi: a good five pieces were served about a half to 3/4 inch in thickness
  • fresh fresh fresh.  Mmm, I do love fresh fish.


  • not as fatty as that of MF Sushi but I could be wrong.

The One Sushi+ - chu toro sashimi

Earl Grey Ice-Cream: by far, this is one of my favorite flavors of ice-cream.  I love this tea in general, and I had the first experience of this ice-cream flavor up in NYC at Sakagura.  It’s rare for me to find it in Atlanta and when I heard it was served here, I definitely asked if a scoop was possible.


  • generous with two scoops: Sakagura only served it with one scoop and it was more expensive! woo for extra ice-cream!


  • could use a waffle or hot chocolate drizzle on the side or on the top.
  • more earl grey flavor required.  It was definitely there, but it wasn’t as strong as I’d like it to be.

The One Sushi+ - earl grey ice cream

I’d definitely come here again.  My friend ordered the Chirashi plate (picture below) and it looked ridiculously good.  All in all, I’d go with this summary analysis:

  • Sushi plate: ***.85 (3.75 stars)
  • uni (sea urchin) nigiri: ***.85 (3.85 stars)
  • chu-toro: ***.85 (3.85 stars)
  • earl grey ice-cream: ***.65 (3.65 stars)

The One Sushi+ - chirashi plate

It’s a bit hard to find this place, and parking can be quite a pain.  Also, I’d recommend making reservations at night using Opentable, especially on the weekends because it can get pretty popular given Brookhaven’s new hipster status.  You can locate them here:

2523 Caldwell Rd NE #1000, Brookhaven, GA 30319
It’s definitely worth checking out; I’d totally come here again.  Pictures are a bit dark because the lighting in that venue is absolute crap.  It’s totally possible to create “ambiance” while letting a person see exactly what it is they’re eating.  Let me know what you think if you happen to grab a meal there!
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