Best Soup Dumplings in the A…For Now

Golden BBQ: Doraville, GA, USA

Finally!  It’s taken me awhile to blog about this place on my own blog even though I’ve written about this on YELP, but this place is definitely one of my favorites!  It’s cheap, and it’s also ridiculously tasty.  Golden BBQ is “new” but it’s not.  I came here because CM JT had posted a few pictures of it on FB, and the one dish that caught my eye were SOUP DUMPLINGS.  That’s right, you heard me.  

The owners are Fukkien/Hokkien, but the menu is very Taiwanese-like. The inside is the same as Golden BBQ and when I asked them about a YELP page, they were kind of hesitant and answered, “maybe later”.  Small copy of their menu posted in pictures.  

Unfortunately, I only had one friend who could meet me for lunch this day, but this place was good enough that I may try to grab more people to eat here again (possible UYE? who knows!)  However, we did manage to get a good variety of foods.  Things we ate were:

  • beef tendon noodle soup
  • egg green onion pancake
  • fuchow meat balls
  • soup dumplings
  • veggie dumplings
  • Singaporean fried rice noodles
  • ban mian or peanut sauce noodles

Beef Tendon Noodle Soup: so my friend (it’s a dude) said that this was his favorite out of all the things that we ordered.  He wasn’t too big a fan of the noodles but he loved the meat and the broth


  • good flavor in the broth, not overly salty like some places 
  • meat was well marinated: while not falling off the bone tender, you can tell that they took some time to get the flavor in there. 
  • decent portion for one: there wasn’t a crap ton of meat for two people, but for one person, it makes for a good meal. cost about $8 ($7.**)


  • not enough of that pickled mustard that I like
  • noodles were not soggy, but they weren’t firm.  These seem to be the standard egg lo mein noodles which isn’t BAD but it’s just not my favorite noodle to begin with.
  • not as much “tendon” as I’d like.  I think there’s definitely more stew meat rather than tendon meat or maybe I mis-ordered because my mandarin is not that great and I believe their fukkienese is better than their mandarin.

Golden BBQ Taiwanese - beef tendon noodle soup


Fuchow Sticky Rice Meatballs: this is an odd description – I had to ask the waitress what this was in chinese.  It’s a glutinous rice-based dumpling with marinated meat on the inside.  The marinade is different than that of the fuchow meatballs and the beef noodle soup.  It’s slightly sweeter but not overwhelmingly sweet.  


  • super filling.  SUPER SUPER filling.  I want to say that after two of these meatballs which unfortunately came towards the end of the meal i like the combination of the sweet-salty meat and the sticky dough, but you have to like that sticky, korean-dduk/ricecake texture otherwise it can turn some people off.CONS
  • soup is not drinkable.  I think it’s to keep the meatballs from sticking together, but it is like dirty kitchen water — yes I tried it.  You never know!
  • can be too filling if you order six dishes without knowing how filling this is and then you’ve got a lot of possibly nicer dishes to eat but no room!
  • no sauce.  The meat isn’t THAT flavorful where it can combat the dough well enough to balance it out.

Egg Scallion Pancake: comes out in six wedges, fried scrambled egg omelet attached to one side and green scallion mixed in with a crispy chinese pancake


  • came out super piping hot nice and crispy: better to eat at restaurant than to take it home.  I took back 4 large ones for my parents and it did not make well for reheating because it became super soggy went well with the soymilk that I ordered! well balanced in salt, not overly salty, but well seasoned HUGE slices!!CONS
  • a bit on the greasy side, but that’s not really a con for me since I’d rather have a crispy pancake at the table.
  • maybe a bit more scallion would be nice!

Golden BBQ Taiwanese - egg scallion pancake

Golden BBQ Taiwanese - egg scallion pancake (up close)

Veggie Dumplings: ordered these to-go for the parents


  • hot and well stuffed, not skimpy on the filling
  • skin was a bit chewy in a good way: as if they used part glutinous rice flour/tapioca flour possibly homemade (the edges were not evenly crimped, some thinner than others 
  • good flavor, not too salty, not too many leeks or scallions.


  • may not make well for re-heating but after 30minutes in the car, they were still pretty darn warm!

Golden BBQ Taiwanese - possibly homemade vegetable dumplings

Singaporean Fried NoodlesI’ve never really ordered these, even though I was born in Singapore and spent the first early years there.  For me, there are better local foods to eat each time I go back.  However, they seem to be a hit here in the USA, given it’s really a combination of fried rice noodles in curry flavor.


  • good quantity: definitely shareable or will fill someone up if they just order this dish
  • nice balance of flavors: the curry flavor was evenly distributed
  • not greasy or burnt, noodles were not undercooked nor overcooked.


  • could use a little more “liao” or ingredients other than noodles, but overall very well done.

Golden BBQ - Singaporean fried noodles

Ban Mian/Peanut Sauce noodles: this is a really simple dish that is just very homemade, not too crazy, yet flavorful and filling.  It’s definitely more of a “side” dish given its size so if you are aware of this in advance (as indicated by the price) then you won’t be too disgruntled by the small bowl.


  • nice even amount of sauce: you have to mix it yourself though as it sits in the bottom of the dish.
  • noodles were not overcooked (although I can see how this is easily done on rare occasions)
  • only $2.75 (so if you’re short on cash but want something filling, this is the thing to get).


  • not for those with peanut or green onion allergies.

Golden BBQ - banmian

Soup Dumplings:  I honestly believe that they make this from scratch, and I’ll tell you why in a minute.


  • came out super hot: best to eat this FIRST because they get cold really fast and then the soup also soaks into the dumpling skin. 
  • larger than chef liu’s
  • less “salty/flavor” which I am hoping means less or no MSG but it tastes better when I’m not scarfing down water (homemade?) good soup in the center NONE were broken when we got our order.  Usually there are at least two or three broken dumplings when we order this at Chef Liu’s.


  • no crab meat option: this is probably my favorite kind of soup dumpling, but I’m okay with this one!

Golden BBQ Taiwanese - soup dumplings

Golden BBQ Taiwanese - soup dumpling (close)


  • beef tendon noodle soup: ***.85 (3.85 stars)
  • egg green onion pancake: ***.85 (3.85 stars)
  • fuchow meat balls: ***.5 (3.5 stars)
  • soup dumplings: **** (4 stars)
  • veggie dumplings: ***.75 (3.75 stars)
  • Singaporean fried rice noodles: ***.65 (3.65 stars)
  • ban mian or peanut sauce noodles

It’s unfortunate that this place does not get enough people there.  On the weekends it’s really packed for lunch, but it’s completely dead on the weekdays.  They are really good and having had three sets of friends here, one of them said the soup dumplings were really good and another said that they were probably the best in Atlanta.  I have to admit, they are by far, way better than Chef Liu’s.  It’ll break my heart if this place closes.  They’re not in the best location, being right next to Pho Bac which has had a long and popular standing for many years, but if you can try to make it out one time, give it a shot!  It probably helps if you speak Chinese just because they can understand you better, but the food is really good for dumplings in Atlanta!  You can find them off Buford Highway here:

4897 Buford Hwy NE, Chamblee, GA 30341
I hope you guys have as good of an experience as I do as I’ve been there four times in the past 4 weeks.  That’s on average once a week!
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