Korean Street Food

Manna Korean Snack Restaurant: Duluth, GA, USA

This had actually been opened for awhile, but I never bothered to check it out mostly because I had heard that it had the same things as Danmooji and wasn’t that much better.  However, a girl friend of mine brought something that I absolutely loved, and so I had to go there again to check it out.  Korean snack foods are fairly cheap, easy to transport and eat, and more importantly, super tasty.  The things that my mom and I tried included:

  • dukkeochi – same as dukbokki, but it’s almost like they grilled the dish on skewers instead of in a thick spicy sauce.
  • tuna kimbap – tuna korean “futomaki” rolls
  • vegetarian ramen



  • not messy: no drippy sauce but good flavor because it has the sauce almost basted dry on there.  It still has the potential to get on clothes if you’re not careful, but it’s not liquid
  • a little bit chewier but I like it this way.  There’s “soft-chewy” and then there’s “chewy”.  Soft-chewy is the kind where the rice-cake is boiled and is more flexible.  Chewy is this type of dish where it’s heated and chewy but the stickiness has condensed a little bit so you have to work your jaw a bit more.
  • crispy crust on the outside: again I believe this is due to the grill effect.
  • good amount of skewers


  • can be a bit pricey if you don’t want to eat THAT much dduk.


Tuna kimbap roll / Regular kimbap roll: basically this is having tuna salad (lightly dressed) in a normal kimbap roll but without the bulgogi.  Good for pescatarians!


  • lots of pieces, definitely shareable: I’ve yet to find one of these korean snack restaurants where they skimped out on the rolls.
  • good flavor: definitely have to admit that the tuna salad tends to be a little sweeter than that of American tuna salad. There is also a little less mayonnaise as well, but I’m okay with that.  The sweetness goes well with the daikon pickle and the scrambled egg by balancing out the salt with the sour and the sweet.


  • didn’t really find any.  Truth be told, I cannot stand the flavor of the sesame leaves (긴닢 ginnip – spelling may be off).  I’d rather have it left out, but I don’t hate it enough not to eat it.
tuna kim bap

tuna kim bap

Vegetarian Ramen


  • at least there is a vegetarian option on the menu for ramen!
  • decent portion for the price
  • healthier feel given that it had less grease due to the absence of meat.


  • can’t say that I loved this dish.  It was more of one to fill rather than for taste which was a bit sad.
vegetarian ramen

vegetarian ramen

I’d definitely come back for the dukkeochi.  It was one of my favorites, and I enjoyed it much better than the regular dukbokki with all its drippy sauce.  Now mind you, if you want egg and cheese as well as ramen with your ricecakes, you might as well get the regular form.  They do have this on the menu though.  In summary:

  • dukkeochi: ***.85 (3.85 stars)
  • tuna kim bap: ***.5 (3.5 stars)
  • vegetarian ramen: *** (3 stars)

You can find Manna Korean Snack restaurant in the small shopping complex next to Scissorhands in Duluth, off Pleasanthill Road.  It is in front of the H-mart shopping center and next to the RaceTrac gas station:

2570 Pleasant Hill Rd
Ste 107
Duluth, GA 30096


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