More Than Affordable Tofu

Lee’s Tofu House: Doraville, GA, USA

This is a relatively new tofu house that I had passed by before but never got the chance to eat at.  I had heard it was decent and wasn’t sure if I wanted to check it out, but then I found out that they had oxtail soup and had to try it!  I met up with a couple of friends here, some YELPers, some not and we tried a variety of things:

  • katsu
  • LA kalbi
  • pork stew (터지갈비찜)
  • beef oxtail soup
  • pork bulgogi

One of the best things about this place is the bang for the buck.  The owner recommended the combo meals where you get a smaller side dish with your larger entree.  My combination was the oxtail soup with the pork stew, but I did get to try the katsu and pork bulgogi which came with my friend’s combo.  We had ordered the LA galbi as a completely separate entree.  Their panchan dishes weren’t that bad either.



But let’s get on with the review:

Beef Oxtail Soup (설렁탕): One of my favorite korean dishes to eat in the winter.  It requires hours and hours of boiling to extract the marrow out of the oxtail.


  • came out bubbling hot.  Some places serve it in a large bowl, but I like the stone bowl better.
  • decently rich, not watered down
  • good amount of meat in the soup


  • could be boiled down a little longer, not as “thick” or “creamy” as some other places that I’ve had it
oxtail soup

oxtail soup

oxtail soup

oxtail soup



  • nice generous cut of meat, not small for a “smaller” side dish as part of the combo
  • came out hot even though the picture did not look like it
  • not overly dressed with the “thousand island” sauce.


  • none for the price that was paid for the combo


LA Galbi


  • nice flavor, not overly marinated
  • not skinny cuts of meat: I really like a generous hunk of beef on my shortribs.  I was expecting some of the smaller and thinner cuts of galbi given that this place had the reputation of not being a glamorous restaurant like Honey Pig, but it was a pretty good portion actually.


  • no real complaints but then again, didn’t have the highest of expectations either.
la galbi

la galbi

Pork stew: I’ve never had the pork version of this before, only the beef, but it is one of my favorite korean dishes to order as well.  The meat is cooked in a sweet soy sauce with sweet potatoes, dates, and other things such as carrot chunks.  It’s supposed to be falling off the bone and awesome with rice.  I’m a bit mad at myself for not taking a picture of this dish, but there was so much steam it kept fogging up my camera.


  • great flavors, not overly sweet
  • fall of the bone – this was amazing
  • came out sizzling in a little small stone bowl of it’s own


  • none really, maybe more carrot chunks?  The meat portion was quite generous!

Pork Bulgogi: also came as a side dish to the combo.  The selection for the combo meal is great.


  • very flavorful, not overly spicy
  • good portion, generous with the meat
  • meat was not tough or overcooked


  • not the best pork bulgogi that I’ve had, but as part of a combination, can’t really dog it too much
  • would be better coming out on a hot stone plate, like the kind they do for pepper beef or mongolian beef in Chinese restaurants
pork bulgogi

pork bulgogi

It was a good dinner.  I’d say for the price, you get more than what you pay for, and it isn’t exactly crap Korean food either.  I’d definitely go back for a quick lunch or even a good dinner after rock climbing or a race.  Good quantities to fast feed some hungry people.  In summary:

  • katsu: ***.5 (3.5 stars)
  • LA kalbi: ***.65 (3.65 stars)
  • pork stew (터지갈비찜): ***.75 (3.75 stars)
  • beef oxtail soup: ***.75 (3.75 stars)
  • pork bulgogi: ***.65 (3.65 stars)

The restaurant can be hard to find because it’s off a small strip on Buford Highway.  For locals, if you know where the Mozart Bakery is on BuHi, it’s located in the same complex.  I want to say it’s across the street from Paris Baguette but I could be mistaken.  Their address is here:

5301 Buford Hwy NE, Atlanta, GA 30340
If you check them out, let me know what you think! I hope the holidays are treating you well.  We’re trying to finish up a few more spots before the new year hits so we can start fresh!  Thank you for being such awesome readers!
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