On The Search for an Atlanta Lobster Roll

W.H. Stiles Fish Camp: Atlanta, GA, USA

This is another establishment by those who brought you Star Provisions, known for their shrimp po’boy.  Found in Ponce City Market, this place boasts an oyster bar, multiple seafood entrees, and…a lobster roll.  My gut instinct told me to stay away.  I’ve yet to find a seafood establishment that gives you that standard chunky lobster-filled roll the northeast is known for, but I wanted to give them a shot.  My mum and I ordered the following:

  • cod fish sandwich (it was their catch of the day)
  • lobster roll

Both sandwiches were served with Utz’s crab chips.  I found this a bit endearing having recently moved home a few months ago from Baltimore.

Lobster Roll


  • the bread was warm and nicely buttered
  • not overly dressed: meat was evenly coated and it wasn’t heavy on the mayo


  • more lobster meat please.  That bread roll is barely bulging. It was so sparse on there, I wasn’t nearly close to full, even after eating the bag of chips.
  • Not flavorful. I didn’t have to ask for salt, but the bread had more flavor than the lobster stuffing.


lobster roll (full view)

lobster roll (full view)

lobster roll up close

lobster roll up close, skimping on the meat towards the ends.

Cod Fish Sandwich


  • amazingly fresh: maybe it’s easier to get cod than lobster, but this came out piping hot, the fish was flaking off with each bite
  • great batter: not too salty, not too oily
  • bun was hefty to match the fish and not soggy


  • none
cod sandwich

cod sandwich

Truthfully, I would never get this lobster roll.  I think the obscure drive to find The Lobster Lord was more worth it than to come here.  It makes me question their oyster bar too, especially given that I’m driving all the way from the suburbs to get to Ponce.  That cod sandwich though was insanely good.  I haven’t had a fish sandwich that fresh and that tasty in a long time, even in Baltimore.  In summary:

  • lobster roll: ***.25 (3.25 stars)
  • cod sandwich: **** (4 stars)

You can find WH Stiles Fish Camp closer to the West Elm store, across from the Farm to Table food stall.  I’d go back for their cod sandwich, maybe to try something else, but definitely NOT their lobster roll.  Hey, honesty is the best policy!  PCM can be found off Ponce De Leon Rd in downtown Atlanta:

675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30308


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