Southern Fare Continued…

Empire State South: Atlanta, GA, USA

We’re trying to finish up these Atlanta Fall eats before winter officially gets here.  I want to say that the official first day of winter falls on December 22.  However, given my track record of eating out this fall, we have an abundant of posts to make, and truth be told, I’m doing my best to catch up.  We continue our Thanksgiving Catch-Up with more southern fare when a friend, A.W, came into town for a wedding.  After picking him up from the midtown MARTA station, he chose to eat at Empire State South.  I was originally leaning towards the catfish that day because it was right around the hype of the WHO study and meat causing cancer, but the farm egg was recommended by our server so that was what I ordered, despite the fact that it had preserved meats.

Farm Egg: one poached egg served atop crispy rice (not fried rice mind you), served on a squash puree.   To my recollection, there is pork belly served as well.  Who can turn down pork belly!? In addition, this is served in a quaint little cast-iron pan so it retains the heat very well.


  • great presentation.  It was so small and cute.  Quaint really.
  • good flavors: tasted like…fried rice but with crispy rice instead.  Kind of like the rice in sizzling rice soup”
  • egg was poached: this is my favorite way of eating eggs, that and over-easy.  I can’t stand runny whites so this was perfect for me.
  • good balance of flavors: it was a nice balance between salty and savory (these are not the same).  Not overly salty either.  The egg yolk, when broken, gave that nice creamy richness over the crispy rice.


  • way too small.  No man could eat this and be full.  Heck, I’m a light eater and I was almost satisfied.  Then again, it’s great for portion control and dieting.
  • Can’t say that I was super impressed as my first thought was, “this tastes just like…fried rice.”
  • Not enough pork belly!  The distribution is so scanty!
Empire State South - farm egg (close)

farm egg, up close

farm egg  -  whole dish

farm egg – whole dish

In summary, I’d probably give this dish about ***.65 (3.65 stars).  It was tasty, but it wasn’t spectacular.  I mean, it tasted like chinese fried rice!  I’m hoping that the other dishes will be a little more exciting the next time I visit.  You can find them right near the Margaret Mitchell House around the corner from Peachtree Place in Midtown:

999 Peachtree St NE Suite 140, Atlanta, GA 30309

Mind you, it helps to have a reservation for dinner.  It was fairly empty though for lunch.  We just did street parking which wasn’t too bad.  It was about $2 for an hour or so.  They supposedly have bocceball on the patio which is a plus!  For us, it was a weekday and very cold so obviously bocce was out of the question. I think this would make for a very nice meet and greet though for friends to catch up during better weather days!


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