Ices Everywhere: Part 2

Honeysuckle Gelato: Ponce City Market, Atlanta, GA, USA

My friend D.K recommended this place when we went to eat Holeman & Finch burgers at PCM.  It was so packed that we had to wait for a good twenty minutes just to order our gelatos.  Normally, I tend to prefer gelato over ice-cream because it is made with milk instead of cream.  It’s lighter and less fat which was perfect, considering that I had just inhaled a double-patty cheeseburger and a milk shake.  Decadence was in full throttle for this weekend.

I was so full, I could only get one scoop of gelato.  Tip: although a double scoop is listed on the menu, you can get a single and get charged $3.50.  However, it’s better bang for your buck to get a double and try two flavors for $5.00.  I however, was way too full, and I didn’t want to waste good gelato.  The cup or cone also comes with a topping.  This is key.

I ordered the maple gelato.  Maple is one of my favorite flavors: it’s not as rich or buttery as caramel, but it’s not as light or acidic as honey.  It’s a nice balance between the richness and the sweetness of syrups.  Are you ready for the kicker?  Espresso Caramel.  Everyone always goes for the salted caramel topping.  As soon as I saw espresso caramel, I threw all other toppings out the window.  Think about it, bittersweet espresso caramel has an almost slightly burnt flavor to it yet the bitterness will bring out the sweetness of the caramel.  Combined with the lightness of the maple – perfect combo.  I would buy a jug of this topping in and of itself, without the gelato.

maple gelato with espresso caramel topping

maple gelato with espresso caramel topping

This topping alone is worth five stars.  FIVE STARS.  The gelato gets four.  I wish to God I wasn’t so full that day so that I could have gotten the bourbon flavored gelato, I think that would have gone amazingly well with the espresso caramel topping.

SO.  Now you know my secret.  After sharing the topping with the rest of my friends, I wish I had asked for extra.  You can find Ponce City Market here:


Amazeballs.  Just amazeballs.


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