Ices Everywhere: Part 1

Jeni’s Ice-Cream: multiple locations, Atlanta, GA, USA

We kick off this series with some dessert places in Atlanta.  I got to hit up two ice-cream parlors and one gelato parlour in the past three weeks, and I’m really excited to blog about them in this series.  Normally I am not a dessert person unless it is light or it is different.  One of the things that I like about all three places is that they all feature very different flavored ice-creams and gelato flavors.  The first one I will blog about is Jeni’s Ice-cream.  People say that Jeni’s is superior to its rival, Morelli’s.  I first had Morelli’s a few years ago, and it was amazing.  Therefore, I really wanted to try Jeni’s Ice-cream.  The same night that I ate at The Pinewood, we walked a few blocks down to try Jeni’s.  The two flavors that I tried were:

  • torrone
  • pistachio honey

Torrone: a sweeter, richer taste.  It has a sweetness through a caramel flavor, but somewhat lighter, yet not as light as honey.  In addition, there is a very mild overlying citrus flavor to it that I cannot put my hands on.  However, it’s not overwhelming where you can say, “oh there’s definitely citrus in there”. The reason I really liked this flavor was because it was milder than most other sweet and creamy flavors such as salted caramel.

Pistachio Honey: this was a completely different yet moderately similar taste.  I know that’s an oxymoron description in and of itself.  The honey flavor went well with the torrone scoop on top, but the pistachio gave it a more “savory” feel to it.  Yet it wasn’t really heavy handed.  Like the citrus in the torrone, you could tell that there was something underlying in this scoop.  However, pistachio does have more taste presence than the citrus in the torrone.

torrone & pistachio honey

torrone & pistachio honey

It’s definitely creamy and very interesting.  There is another ice-cream parlor down the road called Butters and Cream, of which I will write about in the three posts composing this series.  You can find Jeni’s in downtown Decatur which was where we tried ours.  There is another spot as well off Howell Mill.  If you happen to try all three spots in this series, let me know what you think!


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