Super Stellar Sandwiches

Star Provisions: Atlanta, GA, USA

I finally got to eat here after a doctor’s appointment took me down to Howell Mill Road in Atlanta, GA.  This place had gotten rave reviews from many of my ATLien friends, and I was dying to try it.  Number one on my list was the shrimp roll.  Now mind you, I made my own shrimp rolls all summer long up in Baltimore.  It’s supposed to be the “poor man’s lobster roll”.  Given that Star Provisions had such an amazing reputation for sandwiches, I had some pretty high expectations for this place.

Shrimp Roll


  • big fat scrumptious shrimps: breaded and fried in a well seasoned batter. YES YES AND YES.
  • generous with the seafood.  This is different compared to the tiny-ness that is Luke’s Lobster up in NYC.  Not to mention, this roll was much cheaper as well but yet double the size.  THANK YOU ATL for CHEAP EATS!
  • has vegetables! balance!
  • came out nice and HOT which means it wasn’t sitting underneath a heat lamp


  • NONE.
shrimp roll

shrimp roll

Oh my goodness, this was a fantastic roll.  I’d totally drive down here just for this roll.  Not to mention, it’s right by Jeni’s ice-cream and Chattahoochee Coffee Company.  All in all I give this roll **** (4 stars).  It’d be hard not to!  You can find them in the same plaza as JCT Kitchen and Bacchanalia off Howell Mill Road.  Check them out here:

1198 Howell Mill Rd. Atlanta, GA 30318
p. 404.365.0410 ext. 130

They have a great selection of other sandwiches as well.  My treat for the day was getting to play with a little golden retriever puppy as well.  Thanks for being such awesome readers!


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