Korean Stew Time

Don Soo Baek: Duluth, GA, USA

I actually found this place when I was attending a women’s Christian retreat.  For some reason, it was a bit chilly that weekend, and I wanted a hot warm soup to heat up my body that weekend.  A friend at the same retreat recommended Don Soo Baek for their tofu soup.  One of the things that I ordered which was unique was the dumpling tofu soup but with ramen.  They have the knife-cut noodles as an option as well, but the waiter recommended ramen because I wasn’t too hungry, and it was a “lighter” option.

Dumpling tofu soup with ramen


  • super filling: even for a light eater, the ramen was great
  • great flavors: you can tell that they took a long time with the soup.  It was savory but not too salty.
  • clean and healthy feeling: not too oil


  • only four dumplings: supersized – so I don’t like the fact that it was super large dumplings.  I like smaller dumplings.
  • dumplings were overcooked: it was really easy for the dumpling meat to break out of the skin and then you end up with a mouth full of dough, not that it wasn’t good, but sometimes I like to bite into my 만두 (dumpling).
dumpling tofu soup

dumpling tofu soup

dumpling tofu soup (up close)

dumpling tofu soup (up close)

I really liked this soup overall.  I think the only thing that I don’t like is that there were only four dumplings and they were supersized.  But all in all, it really hit the spot and I would totally order it again.  In summary, I’d give it probably 3.5 stars.  If you want to find Don Soo Baek, you can find them in the Honey Pig shopping plaza off Old Norcross Road, just next to MJ Tacos as well:

3473 Old Norcross Rd
Duluth, GA 30096

They’re moderately new so please check them out and hopefully you like them!


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