Battle of the Burgers: Part 2

Holeman & Finch: Atlanta, GA, USA

This is the second burger that I had to try.  For one, it was featured on Food Network.  Originally located at their bar, there was a set number of burgers that were served each night.  This made it a hot commodity.  It was so hot that you had to get into the bar early, wait for a long time, and then order your burger.  That was how good this burger supposedly was.  I was lucky that they had opened a location at Ponce City Market.  A few friends and I met up here and got to eat:

  • H&F double-patty burger with fries

H&F Burger with Fries:  I didn’t actually order a side of fries, but I did taste one or two just so I could write about it.  This burger actually comes with a house ketchup and mustard as well.


  • very moist burger patties: this is key for me.  If your meat is dry, there is no amount of cheese that can save it
  • less salt: also key.  As my friend said, you can taste the flavor of the meat much better with this burger.
  • grilled onions!  Vegetables!
  • very generous topping of cheese, but not quite as “melty” as that of Bocado so I was somewhat disappointed
  • house ketchup is pretty legit: it isn’t as sweet as Heinz.  In fact, it has a bit more of a vinegar taste to it, resembling more of a barbecue sauce than anything else.  I’m not a fan of mustard so I did not try that at all.
  • fries are not that bad either!  They’re not shoestring but they have that good ratio of crispy outside and fluffy soft inside.


  • no vegetables
  • more grilled onions.  I only had maybe about 1/7 of an onion in my burger and it wasn’t evenly distributed.  Really? That’s only about 2 bites of onion per burger.  Onion is cheap!
the burger

the burger

the fries with house ketchup

the fries with house ketchup

ARGH, it’s really hard for me to say which is a better burger.  Truth be told, I had a bite of a burger at the Pinetree in Decatur and I think that is a better burger.  However, in regards to the burger faceoff, I’d have to go with the fact that H&F does have the better meat patties in general.  The cheese can be a little bit more liquified, but that ketchup really seals the deal.  I’d give it probably about 3.85 stars, just a hair better than Bocado.

You can find H&F here at their original location here:

2277 Peachtree Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

Let me know which burger you like if you’ve tried them both!


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