An Atlantan in NYC: Rock N’ Roll Brooklyn Half – Part 1

Goa Taco: Manhattan, New York, NY, USA

Truth be told, I found this little gem of a small “taco” place because I was running late to my reservation at Ivan Ramen in the Lower East Side (LES).  I had all but given up hope and so on my way to grab a quick bite at Congee Village, I passed by Goa Taco.  Its storefront is deceiving with just a few seats and two or three open tables outside.  Luckily for me, it was so late during the day (around 3pm) that I didn’t have to compete with the lunch hour.

Goa Taco is special to me because it features tacos in paratha, a type of Indian bread that is really common from my homeland (Malaysia/Singapore).  I like it better than naan in that respect, but it is also fried and not baked so much more unhealthy for you.  However, it is flakier and stretchier which makes it much more fun to eat!  In SE Asia we normally eat it with curry, but now there’s so many variations, it’s fun to try them all such as cheese roti paratha, onion roti paratha, sweet paratha, and my favorite paratha with egg!

The tacos at Goa Taco are said to be pretty substantial just given the size of a paratha which probably measures a little less than a foot in diameter.  However, the idea of using paratha is genius because it doesn’t break through as easily as soft taco shell.  Things ordered included:

  • pork belly taco: housemade chipotle mayo and pickled red cabbage
  • hazelnut churro

Pork Belly Taco: I am a fan of pork belly.  I just love meat fat.  It’s disastrous for someone who puts weight on easily.  That being said, I like to limit my meat intake to things that are ridiculously good since I limit my meat intake for health reasons.


  • great combination of pickled vegetables and meat: I am a huge fan of balance and this does it really well
  • generous servings of meat: most places can be skimpy with the pork belly and go heavy on the vegetables which are the cheaper ingredients, but this place is fair.  See? Balance!
  • served fresh and hot – this is key to eating any food but especially paratha!  Cold paratha is nasty.


  • for small eaters, you can only get one taco.  But for glutton eaters and foodies, you want more than one.  HAHA so the con is that your’e usually too full to get two!  But…it’s definitely shareable to get two and split halfsies with someone.
pork belly taco

pork belly taco

Hazelnut Chocolate Churro


  • definitely a great little treat after a taco
  • good flavor, comes out piping hot, as in straight from the deep fryer.


  • not sure if it’s worth the price.  For one, it looks like one spring roll that is just stuffed with chocolate.
  • pre-made and frozen so you can’t customize the sweetness.
  • can be a bit too rich given the savoriness and oiliness of the paratha


All in all, I was so happy to find this little gem of a fusion taco store in LES.  Of course it would be in the LES, where majority of the little foodie gems are.  In summary:

  • pork belly taco: **** (4 stars)
  • hazelnut churro: ***.5 (3.5 stars)

You can find them just off Delancey Street, about three blocks from the M heading into or away from Brooklyn.  Please check them out, I love this place and the staff is just super wonderful and helpful as well.  They are probably one of the more friendlier staff that I have met in the LES too.

79 Delancey St, New York, NY 10002

The next few posts will be food adventures in New York again.  I was here for the Brooklyn half-marathon and so there are definitely a few places that I’ve lined up to eat in celebration!


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