Piggy Mac N’ Cheese…

Mason Tavern: Decatur, GA, USA

This restaurant was selected purely for the fact that it had piggy mac n’ cheese which consisted of aged white cheddar, braised pork belly, and cracklin’.  Mmmm.  We did try other things on the menu that night bringing the total to be:

  • crispy pork skins and peanuts
  • piggy mac n’ cheese
  • hot chicken sandwich with cole slaw as selected side

Pork Skins & Peanuts


  • if you like chicharrones or basically fried pork rinds, this is it


  • peanuts were mad salty.  Too salty actually.
pork rinds

pork rinds

Piggy Mac & Cheese


  • came out piping hot on an iron skillet, as how it should be
  • great flavor, well balanced with the cheese and pork belly


  • got cold really fast if you’re eating outside and friends are too bashful to take the last bite: that being said, the cheese tends to get really hard and chewy once it starts to cool.
piggy mac n' cheese

piggy mac n’ cheese

Hot Chicken Sandwich & Cole Slaw


  • generous amount of chicken to bread
  • got to switch out the bread to a burger bun instead of their normal – props for service
  • cole slaw was amazing: I also tend to like vegetables more so than the meat.  It was not too heavy on the mayonnaise and it wasn’t as sweet as regular cole slaw either.


  • chicken was mad salty.  Even for buffalo.
  • Thought it was pulled chicken but was really a chicken tender.  Bone-in de-boned chicken is the best chicken.
hot chicken plate

hot chicken plate

hot chicken sandwich

hot chicken sandwich

cole slaw

cole slaw

It was really nice to get to sit outside with some friends.  I do love the Decatur area, and the atmosphere was just really chill.  The food was great, I’d go back for the piggy mac and to try the Cuban truthfully:

  • crispy pork skins and peanuts: *** (3 stars)
  • piggy mac n’ cheese: ***.75 (3.75 stars)
  • hot chicken sandwich with cole slaw as selected side: ***(3.5 stars)

They’re located just a store or two down from the infamous Community Q.  I have to say though, Community has the best mac n’ cheese in ATL.  Definitely stop by Mason Tavern though:

1371 Clairmont Rd, Decatur, GA 30033
(404) 963-2322

Bon apetit!


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