A Taste of The Motherland

Mamak: Doraville, GA, USA

This is the one place in Atlanta where you can get the closest thing to authentic Malaysian cuisine, and I love it.  It’s a lot harder for me to get time off to go back to Asia these days so to find a place that serves legit Malaysian is amazing.  Malaysian and Singaporean cuisine are unique to that region alone.  The three cultures of Indian, Malay, and Chinese fuse together to form a type of foodie haven that cannot be found elsewhere in the world.  I miss it so much!  I’ve actually eaten at Mamak quite a few times, but this time I decided to try a few things that I normally wouldn’t order on their menu:

  • curry yong tau fu noodles (hand tossed)
  • satay tofu

Curry Yong Tau Fu Noodles: Back in Asia, I would almost never get the curry version of this as I prefer the clear soup version much better, or the one with the SE Asian version of hoisin sauce.  However, yong tau fu or rather, fish-cake stuffed vegetables and bean curd, is so hard to find here, I really wanted to try it.  It is served with curry sauce on white flat rice noodles (hor fun).


  • mad filling: tons of noodles, tons of curry gravy
  • good quantity of yong tau fu: I’d prefer a little more truthfully
  • able to share


  • too much noodle
  • not enough yong tau fu: this is probably because there is way too much noodle.  I’d recommend cutting back on the noodle and adding 2 to 3 more pieces of the yong tau fu truthfully.


curry yong tau fu noodles

curry yong tau fu noodles

curry yong tau fu (up close)

curry yong tau fu (up close)

Satay Tofu: So some places will serve this differently as in they have larger pieces of deep fried tofu that are sliced in the middle.  Here they stuffed steamed or blanched bean sprouts.  The peanut sauce is then drizzled over the stuffed tofu.  Here at Mamak they serve the tofu cut in strips on top of the bean sprouts.


  • good flavor: the peanut sauce is pretty tasty but a tad bit on the sweet side


  • too small to share for an appetizer
  • not enough tofu: my guess is that by cutting it up into strips, you can essentially put in LESS tofu than what you would use in triangular form.  Truth be told, if I stacked up all the little strips of tofu, I doubt they would make up two squares like the other Malaysian restaurants I’ve eaten at.  For $7, I don’t know if I would get it again.
satay tofu

satay tofu

satay tofu (up close)

satay tofu (up close)

The flavors are all there, it’s still delicious, and I would definitely come back again.  I just don’t know if I would order the satay tofu again.  In summary though:

  • curry yong tau fu noodles (hand tossed): ***.5 (3.5 stars)
  • satay tofu: *** (3 stars)

You can find them in the Asian Square shopping plaza just a few stores down from Sweet Hut:

5150 Buford Hwy NE, Doraville, GA 30340
(678) 395-3192

Definitely go ahead and give their menu a try.  So far I’ve only heard good things from my friends so you can eliminate my motherland bias from the review.  Until next time!


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