Canton Cooks Us A Great Meal

Canton Cooks II: Sandy Springs, GA, USA

I hadn’t been to this restaurant in a long time, mostly because it is slightly far from my house.  However, a friend had a visitor from New York and wanted to take him to this place.  Now why you would take a New Yorker to a Chinese restaurant in Atlanta is beyond me: they have an amazing Chinatown not only in Manhattan but in Queens and Flushing as well.  However a dinner with foodie friends is not to be missed!  Things we ordered that night include:

  • pan-fried sea bass
  • green beans with minced meat and preserved vegetables
  • seafood pan fried noodles
  • chicken wings
  • salt & pepper squid

Pan-Fried Sea Bass: I normally don’t order sea bass in a fried version since the meat is so tender, I prefer it steamed.  However, the way that this was prepared was damn phenomenal.


  • great portion, definitely a share-dish for family style
  • not burnt: outside was nice and crispy all around and the inside of the fish was still soft and full of that nice fish-fat flavor
  • accompanying sauce suited the fish well


  • sauce was fairly salty: if you got a section of fish that had been sitting in the sauce for awhile, it can end up being a fairly salty bite or two.
pan fried sea bass

pan fried sea bass

Stir-fried green beans with minced meat and preserved vegetables: great dish, it’s usually a staple when it comes to one of my foodie friends.  This meal had quite a number of vegetables since she had eaten quite a large amount of meat throughout the weekend.


  • awesome flavors: the meat went well with the preserved vegetables
  • good quantity of beans: definitely great to share as well


  • not healthy if you’re thinking that vegetables are healthy.  This is pretty much cooked almost deep-fried in oil.
fried green beans

fried green beans

Seafood Pan-fried Noodles: this dish was mostly for me as I hadn’t had it since December.  I like to get it at Man Chun Hong but they stopped doing it special order so I have to get it at real Cantonese restaurants now.


  • good to share, very large quantity
  • good amount of seafood to noodle ratio


  • none except for me not getting a picture.

Chicken Wings: I’d never had their chicken wings before but my two foodie friends swear that it is pretty tasty.


  • great flavor, definitely not bland in any way
  • crispy yet not dry, but not exactly crunchy like bonchon chicken
  • dry wings (for those who dislike saucy wings)


  • I honestly prefer the crunch of bonchon style wings.  But honestly you can’t really go wrong with this.  It’s a good solid wing plate.
chicken wings

chicken wings

Salt & Pepper Squid: After having this dish here, I will claim that this is the best salt & pepper squid in Atlanta.  There is something about the batter that is unique to this place.  Similarly, I have tasted a batter in a fried chicken joint up in Baltimore called “Hip Hop Chicken”.  Supposedly they use sugar as well as salt which gives it a totally different balance of flavors.


  • awesome amount
  • great flavors, can’t find it elsewhere in Atlanta.  I still swear by the secret ingredient that is similar to Hip Hop Chicken
  • not too crispy but good amount of breading to squid ratio


  • none.
salt & pepper squid

salt & pepper squid

All in all, it was a really tasty meal.  I think there was one other dish, a beef dish that I couldn’t get a picture of nor did I taste so I didn’t want to blog about it.  My friends felt that it was really good though!  In summary:

  • pan-fried sea bass: **** (4 stars)
  • green beans with minced meat and preserved vegetables: ***.5 (3.5 stars)
  • seafood pan fried noodles: ***.75 (3.75 stars)
  • chicken wings: ***.5 (3.5 stars)
  • salt & pepper squid: **** (4 stars)

If you wanted to check out Canton Cooks 2, you can find them in shopping plaza across from Nori Nori.  It’s also just a little ways north of their first establishment off Roswell Road:

Sandy Springs Crossing, 6690 Roswell Rd #410, Sandy Springs, GA 30328
(404) 255-8000

Until next time, happy eating!


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