Atlanta Plantains!

La Fonda Latina: Atlanta, GA, USA

One of my BFFs and I decided to do a girl’s day and hang out one Saturday to get lunch.  She had gone here for university and was more familiar with the restaurants in the city than I am, and after doing a quick drive down Roswell Road, she told me to pick between Fellini’s Pizza and La Fonda.  After hearing that La Fonda had plantains, the answer was so easy.  Things we ate included:

  • fish tacos
  • sweet plantains
  • paella (regular)
  • horchata (my drink of choice at a latino restaurant if they have it!)

Fish Tacos: it’s hard to beat fish tacos from San Diego.  I just haven’t found them better unless it was in Mexico.  This place wasn’t too bad.


  • good quantity for one, great to share for two especially with paella on the table
  • good flavor
  • super filling given that they give you both rice and beans which are super dense foods, not counting the tortillas for the tacos


  • too much starch for me.
fish tacos

fish tacos



  • not overly caramelized like some places where you have to scrape it off the plate
  • amazing quantity, comes in two sizes though and I got the bigger portion and killed it.


  • none


Paella (regular): you have the choice of seafood or regular which has meat chunks in it but still has some seafood in there.


  • fantastic flavors: I was surprised that it wasn’t as salty as I expected given that there was sausage in the dish
  • great to share: with our fish tacos, there was definitely plenty of leftovers for my friend to take home


  • more seafood.  But perhaps I should have just gotten the seafood paella instead?


paella (up close)

paella (up close)



  • good quantity
  • not watered down


  • slightly on the sweet side for horchata.  I’ve had it homemade before from a friend who is half-Chinese and half-Mexican.  Now his horchata is legit and amazeballs.


All in all, it was a good meal.  I would definitely come here just to order the plantains and the paella, seafood this time.  The fish tacos just didn’t wow me but as mentioned, it’s hard to top SD.  In summary:

  • fish tacos: ***.25 (3.25 stars)
  • sweet plantains: ***.75 (3.75 stars)
  • paella (regular): ***.5 (3.5 stars)
  • horchata: ***.25 (3.25 stars)

If you wanted to check out La Fonda Latina, I definitely recommend them when they open, especially on a weekend.  It tends to get pretty crowded, especially when the weather is super nice, and parking gets a bit hard to find since they share a lot with Fellini’s.  You can find them here:

4427 Roswell Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30342  ||  (404) 303-8201

Do stop by and get a basket of their plantains.  It’s totally worth it!


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