An Atlantan in Canada: Calgary/Banff – Part 2

Brasserie Kensington: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

This place was next on my food list during our trip out to Alberta and Banff.  The one specific reason was that it had foie gras ice-cream.  Yup.  The things I do for food.  I’m grateful that my mum and my sister are not picky and are willing to put up with my foodie nonsense.  We all split three meals as well as the ice-cream for dessert:

  • house caesar salad with french onion soup
  • seared tuna salad
  • flash-fried cod with manila clams
  • foie gras ice-cream

House Caesar Salad with French Onion Soup: I honestly don’t really like Caesar salads but this one was actually quite delicious!


  • great portion: huge in fact
  • dressing was not too heavy and not overly flavorful: perhaps Canadian caesar dressing is different than American caesar dressing?


  • almost too big for light eaters like my sister
  • french onion soup was really salty but then again, I’m not a fan of overly salty things.  This soup would be perfect for my friend John though who loves all things with a salt-lick.
Brasserie Kensington - french onion soup

french onion soup

caesar salad

caesar salad

Seared Tuna Salad: by far my favorite after the foie gras ice-cream.  It had sustenance, great flavor, and was fresh and clean after the prime rib dinner the night before.


  • great quantity
  • tuna was super fresh for being in “the middle” of the country, good sear
  • dressing was very even, vegetables were not soggy at the bottom


  • none.
seared tuna salad (top view)

seared tuna salad (top view)

seared tuna salad (close)

seared tuna salad (close)

Fried Cod with Manila Clams: this was our second favorite.  I love cod in general, and this dish was done really well.  My mum really loved this.


  • great portion to share or even to eat by yourself
  • clams were flavorful, went well with the cod
  • I particularly liked the thin-sliced zucchini.


  • none
Brasserie Kensington - cod and clams (upclose)

cod and clams (close)

black cod and manila clams

black cod and manila clams

Foie Gras Ice-cream: truth be told, I had no idea what to expect.  But, when I ate it, it was amazing.  As the waitress mentioned, it tasted slightly like burnt caramel but with a tinge more savory than sweet.  In addition, it had that nice grainy consistency of liver.  Now mind you, it does not TASTE like liver, it tastes like burnt caramel.  all in all, it was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s.


  • great flavor, just amazing all around.


  • only one tiny scoop for about $6.  I think Morelli’s ice-cream in Atlanta which also has some ridiculously good ice-cream is more worth it.  Then again though, this does have foie gras.  As to how much foie there is, that still needs to be investigated.
Brasserie Kensington - foie gras ice-cream

foie gras ice-cream (top)

foie gras ice-cream

foie gras ice-cream

All in all, a summary:

  • caesar salad with french onion soup: ***.5 (3.5 stars)
  • seared tuna salad: **** (4 stars)
  • fried cod and clams: ***.75 (3.75 stars)
  • foie gras ice-cream: **** (4 stars)

If you wanted to check this place out, they’re located in the Kensington district of Calgary.  The street itself is really quaint and cute with a nice cafe across the brasserie and little tiny shops as well.  Definitely check them out!

1131 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary, AB T2N 3P4, Canada
+1 403-457-4148

Thank you for being such awesome readers!


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