An Atlantan In Canada: Calgary/Banff – Part 1

Charcut: Calgary, Canada

I specifically picked this place after looking online at some Yelp Reviews.  As Alberta is known for their rodeos and grasslands, so is their steak and their beef.  It’s a custom now ever since I finished graduate school to take my mum out on a trip for her birthday, something I’ll actually try to set aside funds for.  Part of that trip includes at least a good meal or two.  My parents rarely eat steak, much less fine dining and so I wanted to treat her to something really amazing.  There was one thing that I wanted her to get and that was the prime rib as well as the bone marrow that accompanied it.  She loves sucking the marrow out of stewed ox bones or bones of any kind, believing that it does the body good.  We decided to get two main entrees as well as their duck fat poutine.  This specific poutine was something that I personally was looking for on this trip:

  • prime rib with onion rings and bone marrow
  • bison brisket served with mashed potatoes
  • duck fat poutine

Prime Rib with onion rings and bone marrow:  by far the best prime rib that I’ve had.  The marrow was exceedingly great as well, almost as good as having seared foie gras.


  • perfectly cooked to order (we had it at a nice medium)
  • super tender, juicy : my mom’s face was priceless
  • definitely shareable for two eaters


  • too much batter on the bone marrow.  It was tasty, but after the first three bites, we ended up picking off the batter
  • too much fried things in general when you add in the onion rings.
prime rib with marrow

prime rib with marrow

prime rib

prime rib

Bison Brisket with Mashed Potatoes


  • ridiculously tender
  • not overly seasoned so you can get the full flavor of the meat
  • mashed potatoes was so creamy!
  • those bacon bits were amazing: super crispy, almost no fat and shaved super thin.  I want to say that they were prosciutto instead of bacon!


  • none.  Almost too filling if you get the poutine!
bison brisket

bison brisket

bison brisket top view

bison brisket top view

Duck fat Poutine: I am comparing this to the duck fat fries from Annabel Lees tavern in Baltimore, MD.  THAT was some seriously good duck fat fries there.


  • huge amount: definitely shareable for the table
  • great gravy: I love gravy so this was just amazing


  • not enough duck fat flavor
  • worse: not enough cheese curds!  I only saw ONE cheese curd on the top of my poutine.  I know that the majority of the curds had melted, but seriously, I wanted nice chunks of cheese curds to chew on during my meal!
duck fat poutine

duck fat poutine

All in all, this was by far one of the better meals on this trip.  It wasn’t cheap though so be prepared to drop dough.  It seemed to be more for fancy people or business people.  However, we were still treated with the same courtesy as the other patrons even in our ratty jeans and sweatshirts.  Thank you Charcut, for that.  In summary:

  • prime rib with marrow: ****.25 (4.25 stars)
  • bison brisket with potatoes: **** (4 stars)
  • duck fat poutine:*** (3 stars)

Please check them out, the prime rib is really worth ordering.  I’d recommend making reservations on the weekend.  We were lucky as we were in Calgary during the week so it wasn’t too crowded.  You can find them here right across from the Calgary Tower:

899 Centre Street SW #101, Calgary, AB T2G 1B8, Canada
+1 403-984-2180

Until next time, I wish you a great eating journey!


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