Pho Pho Pho

Pho Bac: Doraville, GA, USA

Well it’s back to home posts for awhile until I go out of town.  I haven’t had Pho Bac in a long time truthfully.  My friend the foodmaster says that Pho Bac is #1 out of all the places, but I have yet to be sold on it.  Admittedly, their pho is pretty tasty.  I tend to prefer the banh mi vietnamese sandwiches from Quoc Huong, but for size I would definitely go to Lee’s Bakery.  It’s a bit of a longer drive but it’s worth it.

Combination Pho, small


  • great flavor
  • good noodle to soup ratio: some places give a crap ton of rice noodle and you end up having usually less meat or less soup because it absorbs it all.


  • I honestly prefer slightly more meat to noodle ratio and I feel like there was not enough meat to my noodle.
combination pho

combination pho

Pho Bac - combo pho

combination pho (close up)

All in all though, it’s hard to mess up pho.  The portion was just nice.  We actually split an order of the spring rolls too, and those were pretty delicious.  I think their spring rolls are among the top in town.  If you wanted to find Pho Bac, they are located in one of the small Asian plazas off of Buford Highway.  If your’e a native, they’re in the same plaza as the Penang restaurant (which has gone drastically downhill) and the vietnamese tofu store (legit tofu).

4897 Buford Hwy NE #105, Chamblee, GA 30341
Woohoo, home eats!
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