An Atlantan in DC: Final Days – Part 2

Tabard Inn & Restaurant: Washington, DC, USA

I brought my sister here when she was visiting to meet up with a friend who was doing a law internship in DC.  This place had gotten pretty good reviews and so we decided to try it out.  Unfortunately, the wait can get to be a bit long so definitely plan on hitting up the Starbucks down the street if you get on a long list.  The things we tried included:

  • house donuts
  • house bread basket (for the table)
  • fried oysters and grits

I normally don’t write about the bread basket, but this was some seriously good baked goods.

House Bread Basket: an assortment of muffins and bread squares.  Some had olive, some with caramelized onions, some with just sweet corn hominy.  It came with really light fluffy butter, and we killed it while waiting for our entrees to arrive.


  • keeps the hunger at bay (but also a con)
  • great variety, great flavor
  • comes out warm and super tasty


  • fills you up so that you don’t have room for the entree!
bread basket

bread basket

House Donuts: these were recommended by many a Yelp review so we had to order some.  Unfortunately, I only got to try a bite because I was way too full from the bread basket.  That being said, I can’t say that I love these donuts.  I tend to stay away from cake-y donuts as I prefer the fluffy yeasty kind like…Krispy Kreme haha.


  • comes out piping hot, just like they were off a Krispy Kreme conveyer belt


  • really really filling.  Definitely not doable after an entree if you’re a light to moderate eater, especially with their bread basket.
house donuts

house donuts

Fried oysters & grits: this was phenomenal.  DC has so far given me better fried oysters than Baltimore.  For one, they are bigger in size and in quantity.  As a seafood lover, you can’t go wrong with that.  As a southerner, I love me my grits. Not to mention, they also served them with eggs in my favorite style: poached.


  • good quantity
  • great flavor
  • cooked well: grits were not too hard or clumpy and the oysters were not overcooked.
  • the pork belly is BETTER than bacon.


  • MORE FRIED OYSTERS!  The pork belly was great but three oysters?! THREE?!!

Tabard Inn Restaurant - fried oysters & grits

fried oysters & grits

fried oysters & grits

All in all, it was a very fulfilling meal.  I’d definitely come back again.  In summary:

  • bread basket: ***.9 (3.9 stars)
  • house donuts: ***(3 stars)
  • fried oysters and grits: ***.75 (3.75 stars)

If you wanted to find Tabard Inn & Restaurant, you can find them just a short walk off the Dupont Circle stop on the red line.  Definitely check them out at the address below:

1739 N St NW, Washington, DC 20036
(202) 785-1277

Until next time, we’re going strong on this last mini-series!


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