An Atlantan in DC: SweetLife Festival Part 3

Jose Andres Beefsteak: Washington, D.C., USA

I was partially fooled.  Truth be told, I headed straight for this food stand because it was cheap.  $5 for a sandwich is unreal!  Especially at a food festival.  I had my doubts though because nothing with meat should be anything less than $10 at a festival of any sorts.  In addition to that, I had heard about beefsteak tomatoes before.  However, I was starving.  And admittedly, there was a part of me that was seriously hoping it was beef steak.  Or one or the other.

Needless to say, I along with many other people were fooled.  That isn’t to say that we didn’t enjoy our sandwich, but I think a lot of us was hoping for some meat.

Beefsteak (Tomato) Sandwich


  • great size and portions
  • good flavor, no bruised tomatoes
  • dressing was really tasty


  • not meat haha but great if you are vegetarian!
  • slightly messy to eat but we’re at a festival!
beefsteak sandwich

beefsteak sandwich

In summary, if you count out the fact that I was slightly disappointed that it wasn’t meat (but had an inkling it wasn’t going to be meat anyway), I’d give it about 3.75 stars.  It really did hit the spot, it was refreshing and light.  Not to mention, it was surprisingly filling, and the stand was generous with the sandwich stuffings.  If you wanted to check out Beefsteak, you can find them at the address below.  Truth be told, I really want to check out this restaurant where vegetables are the star! As much as I enjoy my meat and seafood, my body definitely feels cleaner and healthier when I stick mostly to fruits and vegetables.

800 22nd St. NW
Washington, DC 20052

Thanks for being devoted readers, and I hope you get to try out some of these places on your next visit to Baltimore/Washington DC!


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