An Atlantan In Baltimore: Last Call for Crabs

Captain James Crab House: Fells Point, Baltimore, MD, USA

I wanted to try this place because so many of my international friends had tried this place multiple times.  It’s slightly easier to get to because it’s pretty much in Baltimore proper, right at the border between Fells Point and Canton.  However, to cut to the point, I much prefer LP Steamers.  Truth be told, I should actually attempt to make one more trip down to DC to try the crabs at some restaurant called Pier-something.  For one, my NoVA (Northern Virginia) friends have said you can get female crabs (something you cannot get in Maryland) which taste way better than male crabs due to the flavor of the crab roe in the shell but here’s the biggest seller: they got at least half a bushel if not a full bushel of 75% female crabs for $40.  Forty dollars!

Forty dollars is what I paid for this place to get a 1/2 pound of shrimp and 3 large blue crabs!


Alright, I am not counting the two ears of corn but it’s corn.  I bought corn today at $0.19 each.  Even if you added tax and tip on that, it won’t even amount to a dollar.  But let’s get on with the ratings:

Steamed Old Bay Blue Crabs


  • not overly flavorful (i.e. coated with Old Bay seasoning)
  • decent amount of meat (for being Blue Crab)


  • way way way too expensive: it was about $51/lb for the medium (or large) blue crabs that they offered and I believe $71/lb for the largest sized crabs.  The smallest crabs don’t have enough meat to be worth the work.
old-bay crusted steamed blue crab

old-bay crusted steamed blue crab

Half-pound Steamed Shrimp


  • good flavor
  • moderate quantity


  • not enough to share for two.  I honestly could have killed a half-pound on my own which was why I got the two ears of corn and my friend the two glasses of beer.
steamed shrimp

steamed shrimp

steamed corn

steamed corn

Truth be told, I was really disappointed by Captain James.  My friend enjoyed it as it was her first time eating blue crabs here in the Chesapeake region, but honestly, I would say go to LP Steamers.  That is my go-to spot for crabs in Baltimore. They don’t have female crabs though.  If you are really going to go for the drive, definitely check out Pier-2934 in DC.  If you want to throw away your money, you can find Captain James Crab House here:

2121 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21231
(410) 675-1819

Seafood should not be a ripoff!


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