An Atlantan In Baltimore: B’more Sushi Final Days

Sticky Rice: Fells Point, Baltimore, MD, USA

This was a random stop as it was really meant to be a hang-out between friends.  I find that my wallet is continually running on empty but given that it’s my last few weeks in Baltimore, it’s pretty worth it.  Three weeks to go on the dot and my heart feels super sad.   That being said, Sticky Rice was always on my list to try for these fusion rolls.  Don’t get me wrong, my heart will always remain a purist as well as an undying love for Japanese food, but these happy hour deals are pretty solid.  Things that we shared that night included:

  • Godzirra roll (terrible joke on asian accents)
  • Snap Crackle Pop roll
  • Bucket of tots (mixed sweet potato and regular

Truth be told, these are fusion rolls.  They weren’t too bad, but they weren’t the most amazing rolls either.  The Godzirra Roll had great quantity, good flavors.  But nothing really stood out either.  They blended well but you couldn’t taste the different ingredients in your mouth either.  The Snap Crackle Pop roll was also quite interesting.  I definitely am a sucker for tempura crunch topping.  The one thing that made this unique was the fresh jalapeño chunks.  It gave quite a bit of heat to some pieces.

godzirra roll

godzirra roll

Snap Crackle Pop roll

Snap Crackle Pop roll

The thing that stood out the most were the bucket of tots.  It’s literally a small sand bucket worth of tatertots.  The aioli they came with were pretty tasty as well.  I believe one was almost like a sweet sriracha mayo and the other was something similar to a ranch dip.  It was so large in quantity that we ended up sharing with the table next to us right before they left because they had wanted to try it but didn’t want to waste the food.  Win for all!

mixed tots

mixed tots

If you wanted to check out Sticky Rice for yourself, you can find them here at the address below.  On good days, go a bit early because it’s hard to get a table outside when the weather is nice.  It’s right by Fells Point if you wanted to head out for a beer, not that you couldn’t get one at the bar inside.

1634 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21231
(443) 682-8243

Until next time, thank you for reading!


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