An Atlantan In Baltimore: Korean Stew Time

Jong Kak: Charles Village, Baltimore, MD, USA

One of my close friends spent the night here in Baltimore on a 2-day concert weekend in Columbia, MD.  Since Baltimore was only 27-minutes away, it made more sense for her to crash at my place.  However, since we didn’t really eat a proper dinner, we went out after getting back into the city.  One of the few places opened were the two korean places up near Penn Station.  We originally wanted to try Nac Won, but there was absolutely no parking that night except for the Jong Kak parking lot.  Oddly enough, there were only three people at Jong Kak which makes me question their food but as we didn’t want to risk my friend’s car getting towed, Jong Kak it was.

I ordered their oxtail soup (설렁탕) which is something that I normally hadn’t had, but since I had tried my friend’s Noc Guan version last fall, I wanted to see if there was any difference.

Seolleong-Tang – Oxtail Soup (설렁탕)

This is a clear but yet cloudy soup from all the marrow in the bone and served with slices of beef and clear vermicelli noodles after being topped with sliced green scallions.  Salt is served on side for the eater’s preference.


  • chitlin’s!!! they have beef intestine added to their version which I happen to love.
  • Good quantity
  • Comes out piping hot, as in it is sizzling in the stone bowl


  • a bit lacking in oxtail bone flavor compared to Noc Guan
oxtail stew

oxtail stew

You still have the extra salt on the table to add flavoring, but somehow the richness just isn’t as great as their next-door neighbor.  Their panchan (side dishes) were pretty decent in quantity, but truth be told, it doesn’t beat NYC, LA, or even ATL.

side dishes

side dishes

All in all:

  • oxtail stew 설렁탕: ***(3 stars)

You can find Jong Kak exactly next to Nac Won just north of Penn Station:

18 W 20th St, Baltimore, MD 21218
(410) 837-5231

Time to find a place to try Baltimore’s cold noodle (naengmyun!) before I head out of here!


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