An Atlantan In Baltimore: NYC Detour 2 – Part 4

The Meatball Shop: Lower East Side, New York, NY

I really love the Meatball shop, but I think I’m going to have to take a break from this except for their drinks and desserts after this trip.  For one, I’m not as big of a meat eater as people think that I am, and honestly, meatballs on every NYC trip just takes one meal out of what can be a new adventure.  But this time, it was Easter, and I specifically made the trip out because I had missed the St. Paddy’s day special.

This weekend they had fabricated “bunny balls”, a mixture of rabbit meat and ground chicken with what I believe was sage and apple.  It tasted like a softer, sweeter version of the apple-chicken sausage that you can find at Trader Joe’s but better:

Bunny Balls: I got this as a sandwich with a side salad.  I just needed some greens today and The Meatball Shop tends to have really good salads.


  • great portion overall: I finished almost all of the dish, minus the brioche buns
  • meatball flavor was really nicely done, not overly seasoned
  • salad was very fresh, no wilted greens


  • the meatball was a little too soft for me: I got a little worried that it was undercooked, especially if there is game meat and chicken (E.coli!)
  • the vinaigrette dressing was almost 75% vinegar and had a bit too much bite
bunny balls with side salad and "family jewel" (egg)

bunny balls with side salad and “family jewel” (egg)

bunny balls (upclose)

bunny balls (upclose)

The saddest part was that it was so filling, I couldn’t order a side of bourbon ice-cream for dessert.  Bourbon ice-cream! Oh woe is the lost opportunity to try new foods!  All in all, a summary:

  • bunny balls sandwich: ***.75 (3.75 stars)

One thing that kind of got me was that I had gotten to the restaurant about 5-10 minutes before opening and I had to wait outside until the “official” opening hour.  Now I understand if things needed to be prepped, but when you have the staff just standing around and only one person is writing up the specials board to go outside, I don’t think that it’s an issue of “not [being] ready”.  What really got to me is that there were other people waiting outside too, and it was really windy and chilly that day.  Truth be told, it would’ve been nice if you could’ve let your patrons wait inside in the little square box foyer that is separated by your door and your heavy curtain just to get out of the cold.  That’s what separates good service from great service.

If you wanted to check out The Meatball Shop at their LES location, you can find them here:

84 Stanton Street, New York, NY 10002
(212) 982-8895

I hope your weekend was filled with wonderful tasting food!  The NYC posts will still keep coming followed with a few more from our nation’s capital, Washington D.C.

Until then, happy eating!


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