An Atlantan in Baltimore: NYC Detour 2 – Part 3

Spot Dessert Bar: St. Marks, New York, NY

We had unfortunately missed this dessert cafe back in January and since the night before I was conveniently at St. Marks for yakitori, I decided to stop by on the way back to grab some dessert with a new friend, Vinny.  Vinny decided to get “The Forest” because he loved chocolate but also because it looked so freaking pretty.  I couldn’t decide for quite some time actually because I had really wanted the matcha lava cake from the get-go.  But after yakitori, I was so full that I needed a much lighter dessert.  So after deciding, the two things that made it to the tasting menu were:

  • The Forest: chocolate mousse cake with melted fudge, rolled in a pistachio crumb on a floor of chocolate cake “dirt” with matcha chiffon cake “moss” – this really was a piece of art, I didn’t want to eat it.
  • Trio Creme Brulee: matcha creme brulee, taro creme brulee, and thai tea creme brulee, served with a homemade vanilla cookie spoon.

The Forest


  • huge portion: definitely shareable. definitely
  • gorgeous, if food art appeals to you
  • chocolate mousse was really nice and light, not overly chocolatey (which suites my tastebuds)
  • matcha ice-cream!


  • way too much for 2 unless you’re a dessert fan.  This thing was huge
  • unless you’re a chocolate lover, this may be too much chocolate (for me).
The Forest

The Forest

Trio Creme Brulee


  • taro: my favorite out of the three
  • very cutely served in 3 mini double-shot glass sized cups
  • good consistency and texture


  • not enough flavor.  I couldn’t really distinguish between the three flavors unless I really squinted my eyes and focused on the flavors.  You could tell that there was a distinctiveness about each one, and mind you, my tongue is fairly “spot” on when it comes to flavors.  I picked out the ginseng in baek soju specifically when everyone else thought it was ginger or some other herb.  I’d have liked MORE match and MORE taro in each respective cup.
  • not really shareable unless the other person takes only a bite.  And if they take a BIG bite? Well that’s half your cup of creme brulee gone.
creme brulee trio

creme brulee trio

taro creme brulee

matcha creme brulee

thai tea creme brulee

thai tea creme brulee

All in all though, definitely worth going back to and trying out their other delicacies, like condensed milk ice-cream and green tearamisu.  Yum.  All in all a summary:

  • The Forest chocolate mousse: ***.9 (3.9 stars, for the art)
  • Trio creme brulee:***.75 (3.75 stars)

If you wanted to find Spot Dessert Bar, you can find them in the St. Marks Neighborhood, just a two block walk from Astor Place subway stop.  It’s literally a few stores down from Oh! Taisho.  I swear, everything on this street is delicious.

13 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10003
(212) 677-5670

Until then, happy eating!


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