An Atlantan in Baltimore: NYC Detour 1 – Part 3

Ippudo NYC: New  York, NY, USA

I took my girlfriends and met up with a few other friends from Hopkins for Ippudo ramen this cold weekend.  I would highly recommend doing what we did for our large party: go when it first opens at 11am.  For one, there is already a line, but second of all, even if you wait for about 15-20minutes, for a party of 7, we were still able to be seated relatively soon.

Ippudo ramen is different from Totto in that it uses the traditional tonkatsu or pork-based broth.  It’s supposed to be richer and thicker, definitely less healthier.  WLee and I shared a bowl as well as the pork belly buns.  She was nice enough to go for the Akamaru Modern ramen as opposed to the Hakata Classic which was what I had tried before.  Things on the tasting menu today included:

  • pork-belly buns
  • Akamaru Modern ramen
  • Anin (Almond) tofu custard dessert with matcha ice-cream

I had to get the dessert at the end, it sounded so tasty in the dessert menu description.  Not to mention, I can’t turn down anything matcha!

Pork Belly Buns


  • nice hefty cut of pork belly
  • well-seasoned (not overly-seasoned) meat to bun ratio


  • small for an appetizer: if you’re not going to get ramen, this is not going to be sufficient as I could devour two or three on my own.
pork belly bun

pork belly bun

Akamaru Modern ramen


  • sufficient quantity for two, provided you get an appetizer or two
  • soup was nice and not overly rich (compared to Daikokuya in LA)
  • ramen noodles were spot on: great consistency (ie. perfect amount of “chewiness”)


  • we had to add an egg.  no offense, but to me, ramen should just come with an egg, no questions asked.  It’s like a ramen staple!
akamaru modern ramen

akamaru modern ramen

Anin Tofu Custard with Matcha (green tea) ice-cream


  • not overly sweet
  • creamiest and lightest almond tofu that I’ve had
  • perfect combination with the green-tea (matcha) ice-cream


  • super small, probably perfect for two people after a full meal but not for more than that other to get a taste.
annin tofu custard

annin tofu custard

I have to say, after having both Totto and Ippudo, I would still choose Ippudo over Totto.  There’s something about the perfect chewiness of the ramen that really made it for me.  Not to mention, those pork belly buns totally trumped the spam musubi.  All in all a summary:

  • pork belly buns: ****(4 stars)
  • akamaru modern ramen: ****(4 stars)
  • anin tofu custard with green tea ice-cream: ***.75 (3.75 stars)

We went to the East Village location, but I would imagine the West Side location is pretty good too:

65 Fourth Avenue (Between 9th and 10th Street)
New York, NY 10003
Phone: 212-388-0088
ippudo NYC

ippudo NYC

All in all, it was just amazing overall.  Thanks for tuning in!  We had more eating stops actually, but the pictures didn’t turn out that great so we’ll have to shoot for better ones for the next NYC posts.  There will be plenty more from The Big Apple!


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