An Atlantan In Baltimore: NYC Detour 1 – Part 1

Totto Ramen: New York, NY, USA

I took a 3 day mini eating trip with my girl friends to my favorite city in the NE.  One of the spots that I wanted to try was Totto Ramen, another famous Japanese noodle joint in the city.  While many brag of the tastiness of its rival, Ippudo, I had heard just as long of a wait for Totto.  They feature a chicken broth, much lighter supposedly but just as much flavor if not more than the traditional tonkatsu ramen.  I was lucky enough to have my eating partner in crime, W.Lee as well so we could share. *shock.

Totto Ramen

Totto Ramen

Things on our tasting menu:

  • butadon (pork belly bowl)
  • paitan ramen
  • spam musubi (spam sushi)



  • perfect size for one, if you’re a small eater
  • perfect addition if you’re a heavy eater and plan on getting a ramen bowl as well.
  • comes with yuzu mayo! this was a nice interesting twist to it, gave a little contrast in flavor to the pork belly.


  • the pork was a little tough and slightly dry.  Pork itself is tricky to cook, usually easy to overcook and dry it out.  The flavor was there though but it definitely required…dental floss.  Luckily Totto provided toothpicks in the bathroom and at the front entrance.


Paitan Ramen: chicken braised broth ramen served with pork belly, green onions and nori seaweed.


  • great size, especially to share.
  • awesome flavor: it’s almost as if they made chicken pho but for ramen!
  • super creamy and filling
  • not too much noodle, not too little.
  • (we added an egg) 🙂


  • the pork compared to Ippudo was again, like the butadon, a bit tough and stringy.  as WLee said, it could be a result of the cut of pork belly we had.
paitan ramen

paitan ramen

paitan ramen

paitan ramen

Spam Musubi: fried spam wrapped in rice and seaweed.


  • large hefty portion: definitely filling if both pieces were taken as an appetizer for one


  • slightly too much rice for my personal liking.
spam musubi

spam musubi

I have to admit, overall, I did like the broth better at Totto.  I do like my decadent ramen, especially when it’s a cold day, but overall, I tend to prefer lighter things in general.  For some reason they seem to sit better in my stomach.  Although, the pork belly really does make the difference when it comes to comparing Totto to Ippudo.  Maybe the second time round it will be different?  All in all a summary:

  • butadon (pork belly bowl):***.5 (3.5 stars)
  • paitan ramen: ****.75 (3.75 stars)
  • spam musubi: ***.5 (3.5 stars)

The homepage of Totto Ramen has been hacked, but the menu page is still available here.  If you wanted to check them out for yourself, you can find them below at the Midtown East location.   However, they do have a Midtown West and Hell’s Kitchen restaurant as well.

248 E 52nd Street (Bet. 2nd & 3rd Ave) New York, NY 10022

Thank you for reading!  I hope to have all of NYC up by this weekend so next week will be some home cooking recipes!


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