An Atlanta In Baltimore: NYC Detour 1 – Part 2

Katz’s Delicatessen: NY, New York, USA

The last time I had an authentic New York pastrami sandwich was almost a decade ago with my friend Yuming who was in NewYork before his transfer to China.  However, as recommended by DRep on my last visit, Katz’s deli was the place to go.  In addition, having grown up with tons of 80’s movies in college, it was extra interesting to know that this one particular deli in its Lower East side was where the orgasm scene for the movie, “When Harry Met Sally” was shot.

Thankfully, my eating partner in crime, WLee was nice enough to offer to share a pastrami sandwich.  Actually, we both agreed that the sandwich was so large, we probably wouldn’t have been able to finish one on our own.  I gave WLee full rights to decking out the sandwich (or “sammich” as I like to call it) however she liked.  That girl made me so proud:

  • pastrami sandwich with slaw, cheeses and egg

Pastrami Sandwich (with the “WLee works”)


  • great portion.  A light eater will have leftovers, especially with the WLee additions.
  • meat was super tender, not over-seasoned
  • came with pickles: both the vinegar kind and the lightly salted kind.


  • not for neat eaters but that’s okay for us.
  • charge $50 for the lost ticket:  every person gets a ticket, regardless of whether you order, you share, or you eat. You have to turn in the ticket when you leave and that’s how they tabulate the check.  If you do not, you’re out of luck and have to pay the fine.
  • crazy long lines.  That only means it’s that good.
  • not ideal for large parties as it’s super packed almost all the time.  DRep says that it can get to the point where the lines go up to or out the door.
pastrami sandwich with slaw and cheese

pastrami sandwich with slaw and cheese

It’d be good to note that if you are going for the first time, you have to tell them that you want the slaw or the sauerkraut on your sandwich.  A “pastrami sandwich” is literally just meat on bread.  Also, I would not recommend going by yourself as it is difficult to find a seat on your own.  Going with friends is always helpful when it comes to snagging a table.  All in all, a summary:

  • pastrami sandwich with cheese, slaw, and egg: ****.25 (4.25 stars)

My two other friends also equally enjoyed their sandwich, I think JJ especially enjoyed his meal.  HAHA, why do I so want to re-enact that Harry Met Sally scene now on a second go round to NYC?  Check them out below:

205 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002
(212) 254-2246

Until next time, thank you for being so patient and for your continued readership.


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