An Atlantan In Baltimore: California Break – Part 2

Wako Donkatsu: Los Angeles, CA, USA

So far all I’ve eaten on this trip seems to be ramen, pork, pork belly, more pork.  So of course my friend Eric would have me go to Wako Donkatsu for what else, more pork!  For reference, pork is not my favorite meat.  I actually love seafood above anything else.  However, I did not get the traditional pork cutlet (tonkatsu) but rather, split a combo of fish katsu and udon and a chicken curry katsu plate with my sister.  Actually it’s more of like, I ordered the chicken katsu and she ordered the fish, then we split it up into two.

Wako probably has the best katsu that I have ever had.  After some research, I found that there is a Wako Donkatsu in Japan, but I am unsure as to whether it started there and was brought over here or if it started here and migrated there?  Most likely it was the former rather than the latter. But let’s get down to the skinny shall we?

Chicken Curry Katsu


  • super generous portions.  As certain friends of mine would say, “This is Amurica” (we supersize everything)
  • ridiculously tender: it’s really easy to overcook chicken, especially when it’s being fried.  I wonder though, how much of this has to do with a generous helping of meat tenderizer?
  • Not burnt, gorgeous golden brown panko – can’t beat a good panko crust.


  • less salad, more rice or perhaps a soup?  Everything seemed kind of “dry”.  It wasn’t really that much of a con though.
chicken curry katsu

chicken curry katsu

Fish katsu – Udon combo


  • Feeds the world.  Okay maybe not but the portion is huge.  I think me and my sister could be fine off of this one dish alone.
  • if you like fish and chips, this fish is for you.
  • Great flavor, especially with the katsu sauce.


  • the udon soup tasted … unique.  There was a certain herb/vegetable that was used in the stock that gave it a very interesting flavor.  I want to say it may have been celery root or maybe 긴닢 (spelling may be off in Korean for sesame leaves)?  I can’t say that I was a fan though.
fish katsu - udon combo

fish katsu – udon combo

It was a great meal.  Solid food, filling, just kind of gives that belly-full satisfaction feeling.  In summary:

  • chicken curry katsu plate: **** (4 stars)
  • fish katsu – udon combo: ***.75 (3.75 stars)

If you’re ever in the LA area or you have a hankering for katsu, definitely check them out.  They do have multiple locations in SoCal so you’ll have to yelp the others that may be closer to you.

3377 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90010
(213) 381-9256
Until next time…
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