An Atlantan In Baltimore: NYC Break – Part II

Ippudo NYC: New York, NY, USA

Ippudo’s is a chain?! I don’t know what that means because something that tastes that good cannot be a chain.  Something that produces ramen that savory cannot have a wait of approximately 1.5 to 2 hours for a party of 5.  Ippudo NYC does though.  Admittedly, my party of me-myself-and I only had a 30 minute wait.  I am more than willing to up that wait time to one hour for a party of two, but you better outshine their ramen if you’re going to be my date for that party of two.  😉 Just kidding!

I would say, just like Sushi Yasuda, Ippudo’s is worth the wait.  It’s not as ridiculously expensive, but an appetizer, standard ramen, and dessert as well as drinks (tea) ran up to about $50.  Still, it’s pretty standard for NYC.  If you come to NYC, be ready to throw down.  I can actually do a pros-cons list for this because there were only 3 things that I ordered:

  • Ebi-Kani (crab-shrimp) croquettes 
  • Hakata Classic ramen, plus one egg (not recommended but my personal staple for ramen)
  • Hirata Milk dessert

All were seriously gastronomically amazing.  Amazing.  Full dinner menu found here.  I went to the Midtown West location as it was the closest to me at the time given I was picture-taking all day that day on the west side.  I’m not sure if the wait times would differ in the East Village location.  But let us move on:

Ebi-Kani Croquettes


  • good to split for 2 (4 pieces each)
  • goes great with the grape tomatoes
  • awesome texture: crispy on the outside, not burnt and then soft and creamy on the inside
  • great ratio of crab and shrimp (kani & ebi, respectively)


  • not much actually, may be a bit pricey but it is NYC and it is snow crab so totally legit.
open croquette

open croquette

croquette inside (yes I bit into it)

croquette inside (yes I bit into it)

Hakata Classic Ramen, plus egg


  • amazing broth, very flavorful and super savory
    • this is pork based tonkatsu ramen so if you’re averse to pork, I’d go for the vegetarian option since most of the ramen dishes seem to have some form of pork to it.
  • good quantity: I’m a pretty light eater though so don’t quote me on this.
  • request for extra ramen noodles applicablefor those of you who want extra carbs to go with that awesome soup.
  • egg was perfect. perfect.  Not too salty either.
Hakata Classic ramen

Hakata Classic ramen


  • Personally, I’d like more pickled ginger and menma, but that’s just my own preference.  Not a carb-heavy girl here.

Hirata Milk Dessert

First a brief description literally word for word: “green tea ice cream parfait with red bean, shiratama mochi, matcha (green tea) jelly, and almond-coconut milk”. I think I just died retyping out that description.  I had my first matcha parfait in Kyoto last summer, and I fell in love with matcha jelly.  Love I tell you.  This was literally one of the most amazing parfaits that I have ever had.  I think I will never find a sundae that I will love more.


  • perfect combination of flavors and textures.
  • you’re supposed to dump the milk into the parfait: Admittedly, I was the dumb noob who was sipping it out of the shot glass. Still tasted good though!


  • Again, my own personal preference, but it needs more matcha jelly haha.
Hirata Milk dessert

Hirata Milk dessert

I honestly have not had a better ramen meal than here at Ippudo’s NYC.  I mean, it beat Tokyo ramen.  There is something about the broth that makes it that one step closer to amazeballs.  But perhaps I haven’t had the best ramen in Japan?  Hmm, guess that gives me more reason to go back!  All in all, a summary:

  • kani-ebi croquettes: ****.5 (4.5 stars)
  • Hakata Classic ramen: ****(4 stars)
  • Hirata Milk dessert: ****.5 (4.5 stars)

They have 2 locations in NYC, NY: if you wanted to check them out, you can find them here –

65 Fourth Avenue (Between 9th and 10th Street) – East Village
New York, NY 10003
Phone: 212-388-0088/ Fax: 212-388-9923
321 West 51st Street, (Between 8th and 9th Avenue) – Westside (Midtown)
New York, NY 10019
Phone: 212-974-2500

Next up: Clinton St. Bakery!


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