An Atlantan In Baltimore: Crepes

Baltimore Farmers’ Market and Bazaar: Crepes

crepe final

crepe final

This is yet another post on the foods that can be found at the Baltimore Farmers’ Market and Bazaar.  As noted previously in this series, this farmers market can only be found for half of the year, beginning from end of April/early May and running until the week before Christmas.  I have to admit, living right around the corner has spoiled me.  However, being that it is already Thanksgiving, this means there is only about 3 weeks left for me to try all the foods that they sell there.



One of the things that I tried two weeks ago was the crepe store.  This store is actually connected to the Mexican sauce store.  I call it the Mexican hot sauce store because that is what it is.  The sauce itself is actually really delicious, and I bought some mini bottles for a few friends back home to try.  I definitely plan on getting a larger bottle to last me the second half of the year.  At the same time, the same group of people who run it also run a crepe stand.  They have about 20-25 different types of crepes that they make fresh in front of you.  You can also add their special sauce to it.

cooking crepe

cooking crepe

I was actually short on cash so I could only get the most minimal crepe: ham, egg and cheese.  But it was so tasty.  Ridiculously tasty.  Here’s a quick summary:


  • hot, fresh off the griddle
  • good quantity of stuffing ingredients
  • short wait if you get there early enough but even if there is a line, takes about 10min per crepe
  • great with the Mexican special hot sauce!


  • slightly pricey for a crepe if you think of the ingredients that make it up.  Some of the fancier ones can cost up to $10-$12!
final with special hot sauce

final with special hot sauce

All in all I would give:

  • farmer’s market ham-egg-cheese crepe: ****(4stars)

Thank you again for your readership!  Midterms are now over so it’s going to be an onslaught of blog entries for the rest of the week for Thanksgiving break! Until next time, may your holiday season be filled with wonderful reminders and blessings that you can be thankful for.


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