An Atlantan In Baltimore: Phoooo

Indochine: Baltimore, MD, USA

Alright, so I did not get the pho here.  Yes that’s right.  I know the title says pho but I didn’t get it.  I wasn’t really craving it that day to be honest.  Truthfully, we ate here during the summer term when I had just met Emo.  He lives with two other guys in my building and from the first week, we dubbed him “The Guy Who Finds Good Asian Food in Baltimore”.  I don’t know how he did it, but he knew a lot of places to fix our Asian cravings.  Indochine was one of them.  Here is a picture of the pho that one of the guys got though.  You would never find such a minute amount of meat in any pho restaurant in Atlanta though. *thumbs down



Indochine was a relatively “new” restaurant per the owner, compared to the other places in Mt. Vernon.  Mt. Vernon can be considered one of the “neighborhoods” of Baltimore, located on the west side of the city, just above Federal Hill and Inner Harbor (two more neighborhoods).

The tasting menu was basically their bun, or vermicelli dish.  I decided to get the combo with grilled pork and fried vietnamese egg rolls.  The guys decided to get the pho and they did say it was pretty good.  At some point I will have to return to try it, but truthfully I’m afraid because Atlanta has some ridiculously amazing pho.  It’s so heartbreaking to be disappointed in food!

Combo Bun


  • good quantity of the dish as a whole
  • good flavor: meat was well marinated


  • just not as good as Atlanta
  • sauce was not as tasty, more salty than anything: maybe too much fish sauce and not enough of the other ingredients?
  • proportion of noodles to vegetables to meat/eggrolls was off: This needs to be balanced!
  • they used some kind of lettuce that is not what is typically found in this dish?  I’m not sure what it was but it didn’t taste right.
combination bun

combination bun

I have to admit, the menu seems a bit limited to what I’m used to back home.  I will go and try the pho one day though but now that I know that there is an H-mart and reasonably priced in regards to Uber if split 3 ways, I can get my pho stock cubes there as well as shabu shabu beef which will more than suffice for my tastes.  All in all a summary:

  • combination bun: *** (3 stars)

If you wanted to try Indochine, you can find them here:

1015 N Charles St., Baltimore MD 21201

Until next time!


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