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Now that final exams are over, I can get back to blogging after a 2-week absence.  There are so many things to blog about too!

The first thing that I wanted to share in this post is a new blog that I found while looking for a good pear-and-gorgonzola tart recipe.  The writer strikes a little close to home, being based out of Tennessee.  Her blog entries have some really nice pictures, ones that I should devote a bit more time to taking, especially since I have a decent camera to do so.  Not to mention, she has some pretty great recipes out there.

Local Milk is definitely something worth checking out (link here and on picture above).  The layout is pretty amazing and if it were not for the fact that currently I do not have enough time to blog as consistently as I’d like to, I’d totally subscribe to be a new client of their web interface developer.

I hope you have a great time reading her blog.  If you aren’t up for reading, well her pictures are just worth going to and perusing for a bit.  Don’t worry, more quality posts coming up in a bit from my end later today after this plug for a great fellow blogger and chef!  Thanks so much for being so faithful!


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