An Atlantan In Baltimore: Trip Home – Part 4

Community BBQ: Decatur, GA, USA

Southern-style barbecue is one of my favorite things to get when I go home.  While I was home though, I never really ate too much of it.  It’s probably a case of the grass is greener, but truly, you don’t know that you have a good thing until it’s gone! So far, I’ve tried the following restaurants: Fatt Matt’s and Fox Brothers.  However, I picked Community BBQ because my friend Brian said it had the best mac n’ cheese in the city, and I wanted to put it to the test.  So I normally get the beef ribs, and after seeing how they came out that day, I wanted to kick myself for not getting it.  Instead I got the pulled-pork plate that came with two sides.  Needless to say, I got their kale and sweet potatoes side with of course, their mac n’ cheese:

Pulled Pork


  • tasty but not overly seasoned
  • very nice hefty amount (good ol’ South)


  • a tad bit dry in my opinion (manageable though because they put the 3 different types of barbecue sauce for you to drench your meat in)
without sauce

without sauce

with sauce

with sauce

Kale/Sweet Potatoes


  • very filling
  • lots of sweet potatoes


  • not much flavor other than “natural vegetable” taste
  • not enough kale! I got it for the kale!
  • if you are looking for unhealthy, this ain’t it.  Barely any salt or butter
kale-less sweet potatoes

kale-less sweet potatoes

Mac n’ Cheese


  • very tasty
  • not overwhelmingly sharp
  • very cheesy
  • uses large rigatoni which holds the cheese sauce better than elbow macaroni


  • could probably use a tad more salt
mac n' cheese

mac n’ cheese

All in all, a summary:

  • pulled pork: ***.25 (3.25 stars)
  • kale-sweet potatoes: *** (3 stars)
  • mac n’ cheese: **** (4 stars) – if it’s really good like the one I had this past weekend, it’ll get higher than 4 stars 😉

If you wanted to check out Community BBQ in Atlanta, you can find it here:

1361 Clairmont Rd, Decatur, GA 30033
(404) 633-2080

Thanks for reading again! I’ll try and be a bit more diligent in my posting.  We’ve been eating at new Baltimore restaurants each weekend so I can’t say that I don’t have anything to write about!  Hope you all have a blessed evening filled with wonderful tasting food….


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