An Atlantan In Baltimore: Trip Home – Part 3

Canton House: Doraville, GA, USA

This was actually the first meal that I had (officially) after coming home for fall break back in September.  It’s one of the things I truly love most: eating with  my closest girl friends.  We almost always do dim sum.  In fact, I can’t remember not doing dim sum with these ladies!

Atlanta doesn’t have the best dim sum, compared to New York, Vancouver, or Toronto.  However, the restaurants that are there serve their purpose.  I would say the top three dim sum restaurants are about a thirty to forty-minute drive from the city.  They are: Canton House, Golden House, and East Pearl.

For those of you who don’t know what dim sum is, it’s basically Chinese-style tapas: small plates of hot piping Chinese savory (and sweet) tidbits that are pushed around the dining room on carts, some of them are steamed and some are fried.  All are absolutely delicious.  The best way to do dim sum is to ask and point.  Literally.  It’s easier for the waiter/waitress pushing the cart to describe the dish, and you order to your tastes.  I think total bill depends on a) size of your plates (similar to kaiten sushi) and b) how many plates you order.  Large parties obviously have a higher bill.

the spread of food

the spread of food

I’m just going to put up a few pictures of the spread because I can’t honestly rate them.  I do have a few favorite dishes, some of them being shrimp dumplings (har gao) the rice-noodle wrapped around shrimp (cheongfun), and the chicken feet (fong zao), yes chicken feet.  Also, the Chinese terms are Cantonese, not Mandarin.  Oddly enough, I don’t speak a lick of Canto but I can order dim sum in Canto!

stuffed crueller

stuffed shrimp crueller

century egg and pork congee

century egg and pork congee

black bean spare ribs

black bean spare ribs

chicken feet

chicken feet

I do think that Canton House though would be last on the list if I had to rank them but Golden House and East Pearl is a little far for one of my ladies, and Canton House is the closest to the city.  If you wanted to check out Canton House on your visit to Atlanta, you can find them here:

4825 Buford Hwy NE, Chamblee, GA 30341
(770) 936-9030

Until next time, bon apetit!


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