An Atlantan In Baltimore: Trip Home – Part 2

Honey Pig: Duluth, GA, USA and other locations

I had to get my Korean barbecue fix back home, good Korean barbecue that is.  Now there are a number of places in Atlanta, or rather, the suburbs of Atlanta, to get Korean barbecue, but there is a slight difference in quality depending on where you go.  This was actually an unplanned trip, but a friend of mine asked me to meet her along with a few of her MBA classmates at Honey Pig.  Honey Pig is pretty famous for their quality of meat.  It is actually a chain restaurant with one in Washington D.C. and one in Maryland as well.

grilled kimchi

grilled kimchi

The last time I went to Honey Pig was when they first opened about 5 years ago.  Back then there was no AYCE (All You Can Eat) option, and you had to buy the meat by the platter.  It got to be pretty expensive.  However now, you can get an AYCE combo for about $25.  I have to say they do have more variety with this option compared to Iron Age or Oh My Sangyupsal but it doesn’t beat the barbecue out in Los Angeles.

beansprouts for fried rice

beansprouts for fried rice

We pretty much stuck to the basic beef brisket and pork belly.  You honestly cannot go wrong with that.  I do find though that the meat seems to be more fresh than at Honey Pig compared to Iron Age, and the cuts are thicker as well.  This makes for a heftier portion of “meat” on your chopsticks.  They do have my favorite wrapper: the rice-paper/rice-noodle wrapper.  However, they seem to refill these slower than they do at Iron Age.

pork belly

pork belly

beef brisket

beef brisket

I can’t really rate this because it’s just pretty darn good.  I’d say overall the experience would be a 4 star for Atlanta but a 3.5 star compared to Los Angeles.

If you wanted to check out Honey Pig, there are various locations so I am simply going to list the website for the mid-Atlantic area:  They apparently have an izakaya sister restaurant that I would really like to try while I am up here.

Until next time, I shall leave you with gorgeous pictures of cooking meat…


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