An Atlantan In Baltimore: On The Search For Sushi – Part 1

Edo Sushi: Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD, USA

I had to get my sushi fix sometime each term.  It’s one of the things that I truly miss.  This happened quite some time ago but school has kept me so busy in addition to tightening the wallet to save up for glorious meals of anything Asian that my entries are all being backlogged right now.  This was actually the weekend of Otakon, the large anime and manga festival in Baltimore.  Unfortunately, it was $80 for the entire weekend otherwise I would have popped my head in for a little bit.

Initially we wanted to check out RA Sushi’s happy hour, but being that the Circulator (our main means of transportation) was shoddy and unpredictable, we wasted 45minutes just waiting for the bus.  That being said, we headed down to Inner Harbor by foot and decided on Edo Sushi.  As there was only two of us, they seated us at the bar.  However, in being girls, that was definitely a plus.  As the conference had just let out, there was a massive wait to get seated for majority of people and food service was lagging.  However, when your sushi chefs are younger Asians who like looking at Asian girls, you tend to get your food a little faster and a little better ;).

Mind you, Edo sushi tends to focus more on rolls and fusion rolls at that.  They do have sushi and sashimi but I don’t know if I would go there for the freshest taste of sashimi.  I think it’s fine in regards to the constituents of a roll, but after sitting at the bar, it was made for tourism, and not picky sushi eaters like me.

The tasting menu consisted of:

  • black pearl roll: with burnt rice on the outside, snow crab on the inside and drizzled with spicy sauce
  • Golden Dragon Roll: with escarole and cream cheese, spicy mayo, tempura fried,
  • Rainbow Roll: snow crab salad, cucumber, topped with tuna and salmon
  • tamago sushi (for me)

Black Pearl Roll:

  • PROS:
    • unique taste: you have to like the flavor of slightly burnt or toasted rice
    • good quantity: Miss P and I split all of our rolls
  • CONS:
    • could have a little more filling.  There was a lot of rice in this one roll.
    • somewhat pricey for what went in it which was not that much.
    • smallest roll out of the three but was on the “specialties” list of sushi
black pearl roll

black pearl roll

Golden Dragon Roll:

  • PROS:
    • fried. with LOTS of flavor.
    • It was packed with tons of ingredients that I cannot all remember what went in there except there was escarole.
  • CONS:
    • mad expensive.  I think this roll was like $15.
golden dragon roll

golden dragon roll

Rainbow Roll:

  • PROS:
    • decent amount of fish.
    • fresh tasting, given how the fish didn’t look as fresh in the bay window of the sushi bar
    • good quantity
  • CONS:
    • the fish could have been fresher 🙂
rainbow roll

rainbow roll

Tamago Sushi:  it is what it is, egg sushi.  I haven’t found a place that has yet to butcher this, but it’s my end-piece for most of my sushi meals.  The egg is slightly sweet which is perfect for the end-bite for my dinner.

tamago (egg) nigiri

tamago (egg) nigiri

In summary:

  • Black Pearl: ***(3 stars)
  • Golden Dragon: ***.5 (3.5 stars)
  • Rainbow Roll:***.5 (3.5 stars)
  • tamago sushi: *** (3 stars)

Altogether I wasn’t that impressed, but Edo Sushi served its function well.  It got me over my sushi/Japanese roll fix until I went back home to Atlanta for the real deal.  If you wanted to check out Edo Sushi in Baltimore, you can find them here:

201 E Pratt St #2075, Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 843-9804

Until next time!


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