An Atlantan In Baltimore: Food Trucks – 1

Koco’s Food Truck: Baltimore, MD, USA

Many of us Asians here in Baltimore have a huge craving for anything that tastes remotely Asian.  Of course, if it tastes authentic, that makes it hot commodity.  Koco’s food truck was an introduction from a fellow MPH classmate and friend, E, who was also introduced to it from another friend, Miss C.  Now admittedly, the only food trucks that I have had were in New York city, Seattle, and Vancouver.  There are quite a number of food trucks down in Atlanta, but as I was living in the suburbs where there is more than an abundance of Asian restaurants, I wasn’t going to fork out the dough for a food truck.

Baltimore is another story.

From what I can remember, this is a bit of their menu:

  • bibimbap (bulgogi) – egg is extra $1
  • bulgogi / spicy chicken bowl – pick one
  • japchae (korean stir fried vermicelli)
  • korean burrito – it is what it is folks.

I believe that for the summer, you could do an eggplant substitution, and tofu exists for those vegetarians out there.  Currently I have only had the bulgogi bowl as well as the bibimbap, but I found both to be pretty legit Korean food.  It is way better than Hot Mustard which is another korean store up the street from the school of Public Health.


  • PROS:
    • good portion (esp for small eaters): i can usually take half back, but a guy probably could eat the whole thing and feel fully satisfied.
    • great flavor
    • great texture: rice is done really well, not soggy
    • comes with a small little spicy sauce container
  • CONS:
    • I wish there was a little more quantity for the price.  I believe it’s about $9-$10 for a bowl.  Japchae is $11 which is…really expensive for the amount that you get.  I realize japchae is really time-consuming and labor intensive, but $11?!?!
    • slightly over seasoned: to my tastes, I found that I needed way more rice than what was given for the amount of what I thought to be over-seasoning of the meat.


Bulgogi Bowl:

  • PROS:
    • good quantity
    • good flavor
  • CONS:
    • over-seasoned meat
    • no vegetables whatsoever : it is what it is, bulgogi meat on rice
    • not sure given the above comment, that it is worth the price.  The container isn’t completely “packed” either.  But flavor is all there.

In summary:

  • bibimbap: ***.75 (3.75 stars)
  • bulgogi bowl: ***.5 (3.5 stars)

If you want to find them, you’re going to have either stalk the Johns Hopkins medical campus  – they position themselves right in front of the medical school and a short walk from the cancer center.

Until next time!


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4 thoughts on “An Atlantan In Baltimore: Food Trucks – 1

  1. wow, nice and comforting food truck menu!!!
    honestly, it’s a kinda pricey thou
    food truck suppost to be morepeople food….

    • i think in the US it’s more of a food trend, as in a novel niche of cuisine. They’ve been around for awhile and some of the old school ones like chicken-and-rice in NYC aren’t as bad as these “gourmet” food trucks. But sometimes it’s not even gourmet, they up the price because they know ppl will pay for it too.

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