An Atlantan In Baltimore: Restaurant Week 2014 – Part III

Miss Shirley’s Cafe: Baltimore, MD, USA

miss shirley's

miss shirley’s

This is the last place that I went to for restaurant week.  I had already rang up a $75 tab from Prime Rib and City Cafe, but Miss Shirley’s doesn’t take reservations and is always packed with a huge waiting list on the weekends.  Miss P made the RSVPs for a midweek brunch appointment which was perfect as we had just ended one of our afternoon classes and had the afternoon off that day.

The menu for Miss Shirley’s is extensive, especially for brunch, but I did notice a few other things that I wanted to try, especially their version of Eggs Benedict.  I believe it was actually something like crab cake eggs Benedict which makes it even all the better as I love my crab!  However, today’s tasting menu was less than the dinner menu since it was brunch, and came out to be about $20.  I can’t remember much from the tasting menu except for the following (my apologies!):

  • appetizer chosen: creamy peach stone-cut oatmeal
  • entree chosen: chicken n’ waffles

They are supposedly known for their chicken and waffles.  I honestly want to know how this compares to true Southern Chicken N’ Waffles though.  It’s kind of similar to how I’d like to compare the southern version of the crab cake versus the true version of the crab cake.  But let us continue!

Peaches N’ Cream Oatmeal

  • PROS
    • hearty portion
    • super soft and creamy, especially for stone-cut oatmeal (generally more coarse in texture)
    • not too sweet (ie not too much brown sugar added)
    • made with cream instead of just water which made it super filling
    • served with peaches, the fruit of the summer apparently.
  • CONS
    • could use more peaches!
peachy oatmeal

peachy oatmeal

Chicken N’ Waffles: served with a side of pimento cream cheese (this was delicious) and mini waffles.

  • PROS
    • hearty portion: I took half of mine home, especially after the oatmeal
    • chicken breading was very tasty, similar to that of Chik-fil-A (I KNOW!)
    • pimento cream cheese and maple syrup = great combo
  • CONS
    • not enough pimento cream cheese!
    • not REAL maple syrup! (I’m a snob after having lots of the real thing from our lovely neighbors in Canada)
    • chicken was a bit dry after the first fifteen minutes
    • waffles do not re-heat well, even in a toaster oven. Tragedy.
chicken n' waffles

chicken n’ waffles





All in all, a summary:

  • Peachy Oatmeal: ***.75 (3.75 stars)
  • Chicken N’ Waffles: ***.75 (3.75 stars)

It just ain’t like home.  In addition, Egg Harbor back here in Johns Creek has some KILLER breakfast oatmeal and they do not skimp on the toppings, especially the fruit!

If you wanted to try Miss Shirley’s, you can find them below.  I have to admit, one place that I was recommended to go to for lunch is Blue Moon Cafe.  Maybe it will blow Miss Shirley’s out of the water?  All in all though, I still feel like I will be back to Miss Shirley’s.  That crab cake Eggs Benedict is beckoning…

750 E Pratt St., Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 528-5373

Until next time!


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