An Atlantan in Baltimore: Restaurant Week 2014 – Part II

Prime RibBaltimore, MD, USA

This was literally the day after we ate at City Cafe.  I wanted to mix it up with my classmates to get some new friendships going, so we went as a group of five to Prime Rib.  I have to say, this was the best out of the three restaurants that I went to this Restaurant Week.  For one, given the quantity and the quality of the entree alone, the extra $5 that was selected for the prime rib entree selection knocked every dish out of the park.

I can only remember a few of the selections from each category, but let me do my best:

  • appetizers: house salad, tomato soup
  • entrees: imperial crab, prime rib (extra $5)
  • desserts: creme brulee, chocolate mousse, key lime pie

There was no real splitting, only at most a tasting of the other desserts.  So let’s just get right down to it.

House Salad:

  • PROS:
    • very nice large quantity of salad
    • evenly dressed
  • CONS:
    • not enough salt, or taste rather
house salad

house salad

Prime Rib:

  • PROS:
    • super large slice of prime rib, enough for me to take home half of the portions
    • served with two sides that were shareable (in small plates): creamed spinach and mashed potatoes
      • both were not super salty and perfection. Emo actually cleaned out about 2/3rds of the mashed potatoes himself.
  • CONS:
    • was cooked all over the place: my friend asked for medium raw and got straight up raw, my other friend asked for medium and got medium-well.  I asked for medium and got borderline medium raw, that portion I took home and re-seared in a pan for lunch.
prime rib

prime rib

creamed spinach

creamed spinach

Creme Brulee:

  • PROS:
    • overall moderately light and creamy
  • CONS
    • could use a bit more of that caramelizing on the top and be a bit more burnt
    • taste was fine, but definitely not the richest creamy creme brulee I’ve had
    • I would appreciate some raspberries on top.  So far the place to beat is in Paris, FR.
creme brulee

creme brulee

Key Lime Pie:

  • PROS: if you like lime you’re in for a treat
  • CONS: way too tart to come after such a delicious prime rib.
key lime pie

key lime pie

In summary:

  • house salad:*** (3 stars)
  • prime rib:****(4 stars)
  • creme brulee: ***.5 (3.5 stars)
  • key lime pie: **.75 (2.75 stars)

If you would like to check out Prime Rib for yourself, I highly recommend you making a reservation and dress business casual.  It’s a moderately swanky type of place.  You can find them here:

1101 N. Calvert Street 
Baltimore, MD 21202

Until the next time, may your bellies always be full!


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2 thoughts on “An Atlantan in Baltimore: Restaurant Week 2014 – Part II

  1. I guess you’re really passionate about the review, the ribs looks delicious…….

    • the prime rib was really good. the weird part was that we all ordered the same thing, but the restaurant did not do the meat to our order. I got medium but it came back medium-rare! I ended up having to re-sear the meat back home. Otherwise it was really tasty!

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