An Atlantan In Baltimore: Baltimore Farmer’s Market Part II

Baltimore Farmers Market and Bazaar: Baltimore, MD, USA

One of the things that I like about this farmer’s market is the large amount of “plant stores“.  This is a stall that basically has live plants for sale, ranging from tomato plants to fresh herbs.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the supplies to do any gardening as much as I would love to put a row of fresh potted herbs in my window.  I’ve even tried to graft Thai basil in a cup, but I don’t think there is enough sunlight that comes in from where my apartment is based.  This is quite sad as I really like to have at least one plant in my apartment to remind me that I’m not totally devoid of nature in the city.

fresh herbs

fresh herbs

Today’s food highlight is going to be from Beef Barons.  These guys literally do open-pit barbecue beef and carve it right up in front of you.  They do pit beef, pit beef barbecue (where they mix it with sauce) and sausage.  There are combo platters where you can pick two of the above.  All meats are served on two slices of bread, I believe you can choose between wheat or white.  Literally, you just place your order, then you move down the line, and they slap meat onto bread, wrap it in tinfoil and give it to you.  While I would not pay for a sausage or pit beef, I think the item that is best worth it is the barbecue pit beef.  It’s only about $5 for a sandwich and uses the same beef as the pit beef.  You can still taste the flavor of the beef without it being overly masked by the bbq sauce.  In fact, I added EXTRA barbecue sauce (I miss barbecue that much!).



bbq pit beef

bbq pit beef

Many of the vegetable stores have “bargain deals” where you grab a small plastic bag and you fill it up for a certain price with a variety of vegetables ranging from onions and peppers to potatoes and eggplants.  One stall has it for $5 and I came away with 3 yellow onions, 7 potatoes, 4 zuccini, 1 small yellow squash.  It’s more than enough for one person for a week!

I did make the mistake of going to the market at 10am one time, and it was the worse mistake ever.  For one, there are tons more people out, but all the children are out as well.  The thing about people bringing children to a large crowded market is that they honestly don’t care about anyone else at the market, only about their children.  I totally understand, you don’t want to lose your kid or have your child trampled on, but it would be nice to know that you also had a heart for your community by stepping to the side instead of just stopping a mass flow of 30 people simply because you want to take out a packet of string cheese for your kid in the middle of the walkway.  And it’s not just one, they come in packs! PACKS!  That being said, definitely go early!

Thank you again for your readership.  The Baltimore Adventures continue!

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