An Atlanta In Japan: Part 7

Togetsukyo Bridge

togetsukyo bridge

togetsukyo bridge

After our little rendezvous at the Tenryuji Shrine and the bamboo groves, our next stop was across the river to the Iwatayama Monkey Park.  However, on the way, we had to cross the famous Togetsukyo Bridge.  This place is very popular during the cherry blossom, or sakura (さくら)season.  It was also used for filming Japanese movies back in the day.  Quite the tourist spot, the restaurants here attract quite a number of visitors.  You can charter a boat, I believe a saipan, to go up and down the river.

togetsukyo bridge boat

togetsukyo bridge boat

One interesting thing I noted was the there were quite a number of Japanese school children out and about.  Keep in mind, this was a Saturday afternoon.  At first I was confused, but I believe that school field trips in Japan are held on the weekends.  This would probably never happen in the United States, but it might be a good thing to consider given our poor level of education comparatively to the rest of the world.

**I apologize for the lack of posts, but I appreciate those of you who wait patiently for each one that comes.  The last week was a week dedicated to packing, meeting up with friends, and finally moving.  Onto more adventures for one year in the mid-Atlantic!**


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