Tokyo Shokudo Visit 2: Best Katsu Kare…

Tokyo Shokudo: Norcross, GA, USA

I have had katsu kare, and then there’s katsu kare.  I should have known that Tokyo Shokudo would not fail me.  Katsu kare (or curry katsu-don) is a Japanese dish that consists of a panko-fried pork cutlet (katsu) on top of rice (don).  Normally, regular don-katsu has Japanese teriyaki sauce drizzled on top and sometimes served with mayo.  There’s a little bit of finely sliced lettuce from some restaurants here in the USofA, but in Japan, katsu kare is served like all the other donburi bowls: in a bowl, as is, meat, egg, sauce, and rice.

Tokyo Shokudo comes through again!

かつかれ (curry katsudon)

かつかれ (curry katsudon)

The last time I had this dish in Japan was about six years ago, and it was amazing.  I realize that this dish is really simple and can even be ordered in vending food courts.  This was how I had my first authentic Japanese katsu kare, in a small food centre where I purchased a ticket with the order from a vending machine in Kyoto.  Since then, I haven’t found the same hearty flavor here in the US until last night when I asked the owners of Tokyo Shokudo if they could make it for two of my friends.

While I ordered the bento box C (which ended up to be too much for me), I did manage to sneak in a bite of two from my friend Daniel’s plate.  Admittedly, I instantly though, I have to come back and order this for lunch!  I believe that this dish is only available on the lunch menu.  But I do love the owners, and I hope they stay open for one more year so when I return, I can fully abuse their katsu kare option.

Katsu Kare かつかれ (Curry Katsu-don)

  • good portions, not oversize for super large eaters
  • well flavored: not too salty not too thick
  • evenly mixed sauce (not too much spice in one bite and then nothing in the next)
  • katsu was not too small or burnt (sometimes happens with using panko).

All in all, a summary:

  • Katsu kare: **** (4 stars)

Thanks so much to ともこさん (Ms. Tomoko) for making this dish.  I can’t wait to get it again:

3631 Peachtree Industrial Blvd
Duluth, GA 30096
(770) 622-1116


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